Vehicle to Home Charging

How a vehicle to home system works

One aspect of electric vehicle adoption that isn’t always covered in the press is energy security.  This relates to reduced dependence on foreign oil, but also includes mobile power.  For example, in the aftermath of last year’s earthquake in Japan, or the 2003 blackout that hit the North Eastern United States and Eastern Canada imagine having thousands of electric vehicles that could feed power back into people’s homes providing crucial energy for heating, communications equipment or other necessary equipment.

While the electric vehicles on road today don’t have that capability yet, they soon could. Major automobile manufacturers are aware of this potential and are starting to take steps to make this happen.

Toyota Motor Corporation announced recently they have developed a vehicle to home system (V2H) for mutual sharing of electricity between electric vehicles (including plug-in hybrids and full battery electric vehicles) and buildings.  A fully charged plug-in Prius with a full tank of gasoline could theoretically supply power for an average Japanese home for four days (approximately 10 kWh).

The V2H system will be tested in Japan in approximately ten households at the end of 2012 as part of the Toyota City Project. Nissan is also working on a similar system for their electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf. While it may be a number of years before a system such as this would be commercially available, however, this is potentially one more benefit to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Saab 9-3 Reincarnated as an Electric Vehicle?


News today that Saab design and production facilities have been purchased by a group of Japanese and Chinese investors and will produce an electric version of the Saab 9-3 sedan.

Whether the newly reborn Saab will be able to make a profit on electric vehicles, which require high R&D costs and typically make little, if any, profit will yet to be seen.

Originally an aircraft maker, GM bought a significant stake in Saab in 1989 and gained full control in 2000. As part of its restructuring during the recent financial crisis GM divested itself of Saab. With recent ownership changes and failure to secure financing, Saab was in real danger of disappearing.

Interesting to note that the deal does not include the Saab brand. Whether that is a formality and will be announced later is unknown at this time.

Stretch and Poke May 2012

On the last Sunday in May, the RedlineNorth Team cruised up to Toronto’s Downsview Park to check out the first of the Stretch and Poke event series.   Stretch and Poke is a group of enthusiasts within the tuner scene who focus on creating cars with aggressive wheel fitment set-ups.   The event does not discriminate by brand or model and it showed as attendees came in all different styles of sedans, convertibles and trucks. Whether your thing is donks, lowriders, drifting, modified tuners or track cars there is a scene for everyone today in the Greater Toronto Area.

Here are some photos from the solid season opener event.  It’s not for everyone but you do have to respect the time, money and hard work that goes into fabricating these modified machines.

For more on the Stretch and Poke scene be sure to check out their official website and video.

Germany Tour Part 1 – Porsche Factory and Porsche Museum

In honour of Germany’s first victory in the Euro 2012 tournament we thought it made sense to do this post today about Germany’s Porsche.

A RedlineNorth community member recently took a trip of a lifetime to Germany to tour some of the holiest car sites in the world including the Porsche factory in Leipzig and the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. A life long Porsche fan and current Cayman owner, he was kind enough to share his trip photos from this ultimate Porsche experience.

Beginning with a factory tour to test drive a newly ordered 2012 Panamera 4S the trip included stops at the Porsche test track as well as the Museum in Stuttgart. Here are some of the highlights from the amazing, two week adventure in Deutschland.

Porsche Factory

Panamera 4S

Carrera GT with clothing

Carrera GT without clothing

Porsche Museum

Early Ferdinand Porsche racing car

Porsche Speedster

Remember the Porsche from Risky Business?

Classic Porsche 914

Would be tough to get away from this Police car….

Loop de Loop

In the spirit of our recent posting of the Hot Wheels car jumping record, the following is an attempt from the guys on Fifth Gear to complete a loop de loop. Despite it being a small car the planning and physics that went into this are quite incredible. Not a world record, but pretty cool nonetheless.

Subaru Underwater for Three Months – Starts on First Try


This 1996 Subaru Legacy wagon spent three months under water in a shallow Finnish lake after the owner drove onto thin ice to go fishing. After pulling the car out of the lake and finding a live fish from between the bumper and the bottom tray, the fish had let out its spawn on the alternator, they drained out the oil and water in the engine. For the first minute, all that came out was water. Out of curiosity, fuel was poured into the tank and it started on the first try!


Apparently the guy drove 20 km with it and commented “Still some water in the fuel, kinda lacks power” however, most of the electrics are working – the wipers, headlights and instrument panel all seem to function. The guy also cleaned the ECU with brake cleaner beforehand.


Who knew this was even possible, but I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home 🙂

Celebrity Rides

I know what you are thinking, why are we going down this route? Seriously though, it’s an endless topic and if you are into cars its well worth looking into further.  And for transparency’s sake, having loads of celebrity names on the site will not hurt our SEO rankings.

So let’s start with Canada’s own, Justin Bieber.  It should be no surprise that at only eighteen years old he wants to drive every cool car in the world and he can since the little dude made over $55 million last year according to Forbes magazine.

Here are some of the Biebes’ recent rides. The chrome plated Fisker Karma ­electric car which was a recent gift from buddy Ellen DeGeneres.

Cadillac Batmobile from West Coast Customs 

His very first Ferrari.

Porsche 911 Turbo

A Lambo at sixteen. What’s his Mom thinking?

Mercedes Sprinter Van

Smart Car

He sure likes his matte black rides but it seems like the chrome look is starting to be the newest fad hitting LA’s car culture.

Here is a small assortment of some over the top rides from today’s very rich pop star crowd. Beginning with Chris Brown’s Jet fighter inspired Lambo Gallardo – I guess he is not worried about standing out with the Paparrazi.

Aerosmith frontman and current American Idol judge, Steven Tyler recently purchased the world’s fastest street legal car called the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder for $1.1 million USD.

Lil Wayne – The first rapper to own a Bugatti Veyron.

Tyga’s Gold plated Audi R8.

Nicki Minaj’s pink Bentley Continental.

Kim Kardashian sitting in Scott Disick’s chrome plated Audi R8.

For the full list of celebs and their cars go to Celebrity cars and Celebrity Carz.

Ertefa Meet

Ertefa – The word apparently means “stance” in Farsi the Persian language.  Well, that may be the actual translation but it also means well organized, respectful and very popular car show/meets.  Organized by a group of auto enthusiasts based in the Toronto area, the Ertefa meets take place on Thursday nights from 9PM – 12 PM and attracts a wide range of cars at all different levels of modifications from clean and stock to ultimate track machines.  With on-going communications with the police, the event has rules in place so not to bring unwanted trouble to the car show.  Having attended a few times in my S2000, I can say it is a bright light in the local car scene.

If you are interested in the auto scene at all these are a must see event in the GTA. On a typical evening, you will see all types of cars including; Lambos, Porsches, BMW’s, Japanese cars, American muscle, as well anything you have ever imagined on two wheels including the baddest tow truck around.

Catering to the car folks in the massive suburbs of the 4th largest city in North America, the turnout is impressive with over 450-500 cars coming out weekly.  Growing up in a small town in Southwestern, Ontario, I could not have imagined seeing something like this regularly as these types of events only happened in California or aired on the SPEED Channel.

If you are ever in the GTA and looking for a local auto event come by and check it out.  The location does move around but currently it is in the Toronto suburb called Woodbridge at the Dave & Buster’s Restaurant parking lot so make sure to check out their Facebook page to confirm the location.

Photos courtesy of Auto Moto Foto blog and Behnood Javidirad.