Germany Tour Part 1 – Porsche Factory and Porsche Museum

In honour of Germany’s first victory in the Euro 2012 tournament we thought it made sense to do this post today about Germany’s Porsche.

A RedlineNorth community member recently took a trip of a lifetime to Germany to tour some of the holiest car sites in the world including the Porsche factory in Leipzig and the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. A life long Porsche fan and current Cayman owner, he was kind enough to share his trip photos from this ultimate Porsche experience.

Beginning with a factory tour to test drive a newly ordered 2012 Panamera 4S the trip included stops at the Porsche test track as well as the Museum in Stuttgart. Here are some of the highlights from the amazing, two week adventure in Deutschland.

Porsche Factory

Panamera 4S

Carrera GT with clothing

Carrera GT without clothing

Porsche Museum

Early Ferdinand Porsche racing car

Porsche Speedster

Remember the Porsche from Risky Business?

Classic Porsche 914

Would be tough to get away from this Police car….

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