Drive a convertible? Chances are you are a Republican…

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Ford Mustang Convertible Is A Top Choice For Republicans

A new study has come out examining the buying habits of Democrats and Republicans. The study states the obvious associations, such as Democrats choosing the Honda Civic Hybrid as their topic vehicle of choice and the F-150 making the list for Republicans. It’s an interesting read nonetheless. Here’s the top five for each party:

1. Honda Civic Hybrid
2. Volvo C30
3. Nissan Leaf
4. Acura TSX Wagon
5. Ford Fiesta Sedan

1. Ford Mustang Convertible
2. Audi A8
3. Mercedes GL
4. Ford Expedition
5. Ford F150

Examining Donk style

Originating in South Florida the Donks style also known as Hi-Risers has now become popular across the US with most concentrated popularity in the Indianapolis, St. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Carolinas and Central Florida areas. It is comprised of inexpensive domestic sedan models primarily from the years 1970-1990 which have had their stock tires and rims replaced with large diameter low profile tires with chrome rims.  By most accounts the Donk style is thought to have originated with rapper Trick Daddy, who hails from the Miami neighborhood of Liberty City. The most popular vehicles for these types of modifications are full-size Chevrolet models including the Impala, Caprice and the mid-sized Monte Carlo. In addition, various Buicks, Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs and Fords of the era are also widely used.  Here are some images and a video which gives you a flavour of the Donk style.  It’s certainly not for everyone and the vehicles are not exactly practical for anything other than cruising but the scene is interesting nonetheless.

Old American muscle becomes new again

Here is a really good read about making the old, new again.  The Globe and Mail’s Peter Cheney captures the feeling of the wind and exhaust roar from the lost majesty of golden-age Detroit. He describes his recent adventures while driving on the back roads in Georgia, USA in a 1967 Pontiac GTO convertible which has been updated with the ultimate in modern aftermarket upgrades.  In keeping with the American muscle theme, wanted to share an amazing 1970 Pontiac Firebird worth talking about.  As a daily driver, I’m not where you would be able to showcase all 1200 horsepower from the twin turbos but it sure would be fun trying.

For those of you into American muscle with all the tricked out technology of today’s cars you need to check out YearOne.  They also have an amazing fleet of car builds which would compliment any classic car enthusiast’s garage.

The Europeans…

Wanted to share a very interesting car company I recently came across.  Based in Belgium, Imperia Automobiles is building vintage looking sports cars that use Plug-in hybrid engine technology. Leveraging the immense success of the vintage style designs of the New Beetle, the Mini, and most recently, the Fiat 500, Imperia has created a very innovative and beautifully designed automobile. With the combination of classic aesthetic lines that create an atmosphere of nostalgia along with state of the art electric hybrid technology it really does attempt to bridge the old world with the new.

Check it out.

Also, keeping with our European theme thought you would be interested in the following article that discusses the tax issues in Italy and how they are affecting the luxury car market.

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you are in the market for a full size SUV be sure to check out the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  At the recent Toronto International Auto show it stood out as an amazing piece of North American manufacturing innovation and craftsmanship.  From its sleek, rugged lines, award winning transmission and its European style leather and wood interior they sure have come a long way since the original 90s boxy design that won over the Yuppies and Soccer Moms.

The 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a whole lot of engine options including the brand new European developed 3.6L Pentastar V6 which delivers 290 horsepower and 260 lb. ft torque and the 5.7L V8 engine with 360 horsepower and 390 lb ft torque. For those who really need crazy amounts of speed and power you can go for the ultimate powertrain option; the new available 6.4-Litre HEMI V8 engine that generates an awe-inspiring 470 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. The best thing about this option is it won’t kill you at the pumps, as it’s built with responsible power thanks to the innovative FuelSaver Multi-Displacement Technology (MDS). This smart technology senses how much power is needed and efficiently and smoothly shifts between 8 and 4 cylinders.

Check out all the details at

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Porsche

Porsche has announced a new PHEV version of the Panamera. While a 12 kWh battery is touch on the small side, it’s a interesting step forward. Porsche is using parallel hybrid technology meaning motive power will switch between the gasoline engine and the electric motor, or used both together, as needed.



If you’ve never been to Mudfest you should check it out.  Think Mad Max meets a tractor pull.  Held at Gopher Dunes motocross track near Tillsonburg Ontario, Mudfest offers you the chance to tear around a mud filled track in your vehicle. From standard pick up trucks to Mad Max type vehicles it’s as fun watching the mayhem as driving in it.

Action from Mudfest

Mudfest Vehicle

One of the custom creations used at Mudfest

Inaugural Post

As a marketer, I have seen the power of blogs to build buzz, share information and connect people around the world. Yet, until recently, I was never compelled to start one. Perhaps, this is because I inherently knew I would procrastinate with regards to updating it. However, times have changed and my passion for the automobile has summoned me to create a blog once and for all. I’m pleased to introduce you all to the inaugural entry of the RedlineNorth blog and welcome you to join us on this journey. We will attempt to provide you with regular information covering all topics from the automobile world locally and globally.

First things first though – check out the following:

It shows a side of the Ariel Atom that 99% of people have never seen.

Some amazing videos can be found at the following link –

Super Speeders – Solid site for real footage speeding videos – I recently broke down and bought one and it was money well spent….

Also, can’t wait until the day I have a spare 20K cause I’m doing this race someday.

Check out – Bullrun

This matte black Bentley parked in front of the Air Canada Center would be stellar Bullrun ride.


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