Subaru Underwater for Three Months – Starts on First Try


This 1996 Subaru Legacy wagon spent three months under water in a shallow Finnish lake after the owner drove onto thin ice to go fishing. After pulling the car out of the lake and finding a live fish from between the bumper and the bottom tray, the fish had let out its spawn on the alternator, they drained out the oil and water in the engine. For the first minute, all that came out was water. Out of curiosity, fuel was poured into the tank and it started on the first try!


Apparently the guy drove 20 km with it and commented “Still some water in the fuel, kinda lacks power” however, most of the electrics are working – the wipers, headlights and instrument panel all seem to function. The guy also cleaned the ECU with brake cleaner beforehand.


Who knew this was even possible, but I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home 🙂

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