Glow in the Dark Road – Not Glowing

As a follow up to a post we brought you 18 months ago about the installation of glow in the dark paint on a highway in the Netherlands it appears the paint is not glowing as well as intended.  The road, N329 in Oss, approximately 100km south east of Amsterdam had glow in the dark paint applied recently as a pilot project to help drivers navigate an area that didn’t have street lighting.

Glow in the dark road markings in the Netherlands

Glow in the dark road markings in the Netherlands

It appears that the paint is sensitive to large amounts of rainfall and moisture and did not glow consistently as a result.  Engineers will be using this data to create what they call glow lines 2.0 which should be ready by the summer.

Another unintended consequence of applying the glow lines was drivers turning off their headlights as they passed through the area to experience the glow effect.  Probably not the best idea, especially since they weren’t glowing as well as intended!

Source: BBC News


Say it ain’t so…

Today is a devastating day for Ferrari fans as a Canadian Ferrari F40 supercar met its death in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. Initially reported by AutoMotoFoto the crash happened just after 2:00pm EST at the intersection of Rowntree Dairy Road and Auto Park Circle. According to AMF’s contacts, the Dodge Dart ran a red light and crashed into the ultra special Ferrari which was being driven by a technician from Ferrari of Ontario returning from a post-service test drive.

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40

Thankfully, nether driver was seriously injured and the F40 is likely salvageable which is huge. Since with only 1,315 ever built and a historical inflation rated price tag of $843,616 USD this is no ordinary Ferrari. The F40 is one of the most valuable and iconic Ferrari’s of all time as it was designed to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary and was the last model personally approved by the godfather himself Enzo Ferrari. At the time of its launch in 1987 the F40 was one of the most powerful and expensive cars ever built.  Designed as a street legal race car with a 478 horsepower 2.9-liter twin turbo V8 that resulted in a 0-62 mph time of just 3.8 seconds.  Adding to its epic folklore were claims that the F40 had slightly more horsepower than Ferrari stated. It truly is one of the world’s best cars ever produced and hopefully we don’t lose any more of these rare beauties.


Got to love the Swedes…

Volvo has always been a leader in auto safety but this is one of their coolest inventions to date.  Earlier this week, Volvo debuted their newest child safety seat concept which is a fully inflatable device designed to make what’s normally a clunky and heavy seat both lighter and more portable.

Designed for parents on the go, this new prototype transforms from a stylish-looking backpack into a rear-facing car seat in less than a minute. You can pump it in the car as the seat comes with its own pump or for those tech savvy folks it’s Bluetooth-enabled so you could pump it remotely. The seat is made with a fabric that can sustain high internal pressure, originally developed by the military as part of an effort to create an inflatable airplane, which is now used by the boating industry. Bravo Volvo!

New Chris Harris Video – 1957 Citroën 2CV

This new Chris Harris video is worth a watch since it’s so far from his usual style of sliding on a racetrack in a supercar.  In this one, Chris takes his newly purchased all original, 1957 Citroën 2CV that features a restored chassis, 425 cc 12 horsepower engine on a drive through the English countryside.  He profiles the Citroën’s simplicity of mechanical elegance and timeless design features such as the corrugated bonnet, sunroof, and unstoppable heater. He goes on to describe the impetus for his admiration for the 2CV as a result of the writings of the late, great, vintage motoring legend Alan Clark.

This is certainly a dramatic change of pace for Chris and it makes me wonder if he is having an anti-mid-life crisis?

The Internet truly is the Wild West….

Kudos to the UK’s Paul Wallace who just bought himself a used Audi R8 for £50,000 ($83,755 USD; 60,000 EUR). On first glance there is nothing too interesting about this story, however, the cool thing is Wallace managed to earn the money for the car by filming supercar videos and sharing them on YouTube. Yes, with more than 65 million views he now makes some serious cash for operating an auto enthusiast YouTube channel.

The 23 year student claims he makes up to £1,750 ($2,931USD; 2,115 EUR) a month, which obviously provides him with enough green to upgrade from his Vauxhall Astra 1.6 to the new used Audi R8.

Source: SuperCarsofLondon

This video makes me want a used Land Rover

Our friends at Jalopnik have posted an amazing story about a time lapsed video where technicians in Framingham, Massachusetts at J. White’s Automotive spent a whole weekend swapping a rusty frame on a 2004 Land Rover Discovery for a shiny new one. For anyone that loves Land Rovers as much as we do this video is proof that you really can do anything to these beautiful beasts….

Best of Formula One engine sounds

We wanted to share a very cool story from our friends over at AutoMotoFoto about the best of Formula One engine sounds.  Beginning from the early days of the V6 turbocharged engines to the more modern V10, V12 and most recently the V8 – these engines are all music to the ears of F1 enthusiasts. Interestingly though, for 2014, the Formula One engines are now back to a V6 turbocharged setup and some fans and drivers have already complained about the lack of sound of these engines during the races.  Well, you be the judge after watching this video. Be sure to crank up the volume on the speakers as you will want to capture all of it. Just think, it’s only two months until Montreal’s Canadian Grand Prix.

Range Rover Sport HSE vs. Range Rover Supercharged

The Range Rover brand is truly iconic since people who know nothing about cars are aware of its rich pedigree of craftsmanship, luxury and performance. Resulting from this amazing brand recognition, Land Rover stands out among its competitors as one of the world’s top brands. Interestingly, today, Land Rover is now owned by India’s Tata Motors who acquired both the Jaguar and Land Rover brands in a blockbuster deal in 2008. Over the past six years, Tata has done a stellar job of rejuvenating the brand globally. Consequently, when you look at Land Rovers’ current 2014 model line-up it’s obvious the nameplate has come a long way since Maurice Wilks constructed the first Land Rover back in 1947 after being inspired by the American World War II Jeep.

Last month, we had the incredible opportunity to experience first hand Land Rover’s 2014 Range Rover Sport HSE and the 2014 Range Rover Supercharged model.

2014 Ranger Rover Sport

2014 Ranger Rover Sport HSE

We started behind the wheel of the newly redesigned Sport HSE model equipped with the 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 which pumps out 340 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. Redesigned from the frame up to be lighter and more nimble, (it tips the scales 800 pounds lighter than the 2013 model) Land Rover has turned its stylish SUV into a family friendly SUV for those who strive to drive a premium vehicle. Although now longer than its predecessor by 2.5 inches for a total of 191 it is still over four inches shorter than the 2014 Cadillac CTS sedan.

The Sport was a ton of fun to drive in both city and highway environments and its size works well for an urban environment as I never felt it was too big.  As for overall appearance the black on black colour scheme along with the motor hood venting provides a sinister and sporty look. A few welcomed features during the last few days of our Canadian “hell” winter were the heated windshield along with the ultra comfy heated seats and heated steering wheel. Although there are several other engines offered in the Sport trim including the unreal supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 the 3.0 V6 engine is more than enough power to propel the Range Rover Sport. Land Rover estimates the V6 configuration provides a 0-60 mph performance time of 6.9 seconds which should be enough for most families aside from the Andretti’s.

Back seat of Ranger Rover Sport

Back seat of Ranger Rover Sport HSE

It’s amazing how capable this new Range Rover Sport really is and it’s a bit of a shame that few owners will ever challenge it on anything rougher than an unpaved road on their way to the cottage. Its perfect combination of subtle suspension and Brembo brakes results in excellent driving and braking capability at all speeds and it does this in spite of the beefy 4700 lb curb weight. 

Motor hood of Range Rover Sport

Hood vents on Range Rover Sport HSE

Overall, the Range Rover Sport is an amazing ride and I would truly love to have one in the driveway.  Our test model came in at $86,000 CDN reinforcing the premium price Range Rover’s garner in the marketplace.

Range Rover Supercharged

Range Rover Supercharged

Next up is Land Rover’s flagship model, the Range Rover Supercharged, which brings an out of this world level of power and size to the ring.  Beginning with its regal design the Ranger Rover Supercharged is as close as you can get to having your own personal chariot.  Its stance exudes confidence and poise and let’s be honest if you are driving one of these you want the world to know you have made it. Designed to compete with the big boys of high-performance luxury SUVs including the Mercedes GL 63 AMG and Porsche Cayenne Turbo, the supercharged 5.0L V-8 engine delivers a whopping 510 hp and 461 lb-ft of torque. Kudos to the team at Land Rover as they have done a magnificent job designing this new powertrain. When you stomp on the gas pedal it provides the acceleration of a V8 supercar and launches like a cheetah. At one point during the week-long test, I seriously thought I may need some wheelie bars. The power is instant and visceral and the V8 sound that goes along with it is intoxicating. With a sizzling 0-60-mph time in the range of 5.0 seconds it is the most powerful Land Rover ever built and driving it is a sure way to get the adrenaline pumping.  But the best part of all is it’s a true wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Aside from the Supercharged badge on the tailgate nobody knows it has so much power. Hence, you pull up beside someone at a stoplight, and when the light turns green you might as well be in a Z06 Corvette since most vehicles will not even come close to challenging you. Having said this, I’m not condoning this type of activity as it’s illegal, but this is a risk associated with owning the supercharged V8 model.

Interior of Ranger Rover Supercharged

Interior of Ranger Rover Supercharged

The Range Rover includes a host of other goodies that make life easier and driving a little safer too. To name a few there’s a surround camera system, reverse traffic detection with blind spot monitoring and closing vehicle sensing, adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, rain sensing wipers, an 18-speaker Meridian audio system, massaging and heated seats and best of all are the heavenly front headrests which are hands down the most comfortable headrests I have ever experienced. Although designed to be an incredible off-roader it is way too beautiful and expensive to take to the trails and I’d be surprised to hear that any of these models ever see the mud and water they are designed to tackle.

Ranger Rover Supercharged

Ranger Rover Supercharged

Coming in at a price tag as tested of $127,145 the Range Rover Supercharged is certainly not for the everyman.  Nope, this vehicle is designed for those who have successfully climbed the corporate ladder and/or entrepreneurial rock stars along with professional athletes and celebrities. However, there is other important group worth mentioning who have had a long history with Land Rover products and that is the British Royal family. A few years back in a story we did about the introduction of the Range Rover Evoque we also included a video of Queen Elizabeth II driving her Land Rover equipped with a manual transmission. And just this past summer, we saw Land Rover once again star as the vehicle of choice for Prince William and Kate at the birth of Prince George. Kudos to Land Rover since you could not ask for better global brand ambassadors!

Lamborghini Aventador Crash

In one of those I can’t believe what just happened moments, video of a Lamborghini Aventador smashing into not one, but two cars on Sloan Street in the West of London.

It’s one thing when you crash a $40K car, but when it’s a $400K car that’s a whole other world of hurt.  Based on the video it appears that everyone walked away from the crash.