Watch a 1968 Ford Bronco do what it was designed to do!

Our good friends at Jalopnik’s sister site Truck Yeah have posted a very cool story about a vintage Ford Bronco running in the 2018 NORRA Mexican 1000.

This video provides a glimpse into the grit and drive it takes to win the insane 1300+ mile off-road race from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas in Baja California, Mexico.

Congrats to Boyd Jaynes and Brian Godfrey.

Toyota’s TRD Pro Challenge

Kudos to the marketing and PR folks at Toyota USA for creating this cool ad series for their TRD models. The most recent episode sees Canadian veteran off-road racer Andy Bell take his two famous motorcycling friends Jamie Bestwick and Roland Sands across Vietnam behind the wheels of three beautiful Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra and Toyota 4Runner models. Having traveled to Vietnam myself, I can attest that it truly is one of the most beautiful and rugged countries in the world. Vietnam’s back-country really is the perfect test ground for Toyota’s incredible off-road TRD models.

Steam Whistle Brewery’s Vintage Fleet

For anyone who lives in Ontario you are likely familiar with Toronto based Steam Whistle Brewery.  Founded back in 2000 by three former employees of the Upper Canada Brewing Company, Steam Whistle is famous for its premium pilsner lager packaged in distinctive green glass bottles with a non-twist cap.

Along with making great beer, Steam Whistle maintains a fleet of classic vehicles for promotions and delivery of their products. Over the years, they have continued to add to the fleet and each new model has its own unique story. Most recently, they added a 1970 International Scout to the group.  Check out the entire fleet.

Steam Whistle Brewery

Steam Whistle Brewery



Toyota Reimagines Marty McFly’s Dream Truck with 2016 Tacoma

Growing up as a kid in the 1980s the Back to the Future film franchise is part of your DNA. So it should be no surprise that we were interested in seeing what Toyota would do to capitalize on the 30th anniversary of the blockbuster film. Well, good on them for letting our imaginations go wild and for a brief moment let us dream of going to a dealer to order a 2016 Toyota Tacoma with the “1985” Marty McFly 4×4 look.

"Marty McFly" Toyota Tacoma

“Marty McFly” Toyota Tacoma

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely this beauty will ever see production, as it will likely end up in some auto museum along with all those other concepts that never come to life. Nevertheless, how cool would it be if they made a “Back to the Future” anniversary model with the 2016 Tacoma?  I would totally park it beside my “Fall Guy” GMC 2500 series…..

“Marty McFly” Toyota Tacoma

“Marty McFly” Toyota Tacoma

“Marty McFly” Toyota Tacoma

“Marty McFly” Toyota Tacoma

Photos courtesy of Toyota.

The Ultimate Redneck Ford Bronco

The team over at Motor Trend’s Dirt Every Day, builds the coolest 4×4 trucks ever driven in the bush.  On a recent episode they have outdone themselves once again with an insane 1979 Ford Bronco which has been modified to house a Dillon Aero’s M134D Minigun in the back. Seriously, what is more bad ass than a “Redneck Bronco” with a gatling gun that can shoot 3-4,000 rounds per minute. Be sure to skip to 17:28 to check out the minigun in action.


How To Turn A 1990 Dodge Airport Tug Into A Trail Slayer

The folks over at 4-Wheel & Off-Road turned a well-used airplane tug truck into a killer off-road machine while keeping it street legal. This project was done over nine Herculean days before the so-called Ultimate Adventure 2014, and the team over at Drive Dirt Everyday has kindly documented the whole build process on video.

The vehicle started life as a 1990 Dodge tug truck that hauled around airplanes for a living. The team kept the Cummins six-cylinder diesel, but tossed out almost everything else replacing the stock parts for either custom one-off fabricated parts or custom heavy-duty parts. The build process certainly looks like a ton of work, but the end result created one fantastic crawler. Check out the video above.

Lifted Trucks on Instagram

Even if trucks are not your thing, as an auto enthusiast you need to check this site out. It’s called Liftedtrucksaddict and it’s on Instagram…It has something for everyone as the trucks range from mildly “over the top” to absolutely totally “downright absurd”. Although these trucks are true decadence in today’s era of conservation there is still something about them that makes you want one as a new summer toy.

Unfortunately, as a big city dweller these trucks are not an option for me so I will just have to dream. So here’s to those fossil fuel burning good old boys…..and gals.