Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer

Being a child of the late 1970s I could not resist doing something on the new Star Wars film.  Yes, I realize it is not car news per say, but the vehicles in the Star Wars franchise are très worthy in my eyes.  From speed bikes to X-Wing fighters to the unstoppable Millennium Falcon, futuristic hyperspeed machines should appeal to any car enthusiast.  In a world where fast means warp speed it is only fitting that the latest episode of the epic Star Wars series looks ever as memorable as the earlier ones.  Check out the new teaser trailer for The Force Awakens….

How To Turn A 1990 Dodge Airport Tug Into A Trail Slayer

The folks over at 4-Wheel & Off-Road turned a well-used airplane tug truck into a killer off-road machine while keeping it street legal. This project was done over nine Herculean days before the so-called Ultimate Adventure 2014, and the team over at Drive Dirt Everyday has kindly documented the whole build process on video.

The vehicle started life as a 1990 Dodge tug truck that hauled around airplanes for a living. The team kept the Cummins six-cylinder diesel, but tossed out almost everything else replacing the stock parts for either custom one-off fabricated parts or custom heavy-duty parts. The build process certainly looks like a ton of work, but the end result created one fantastic crawler. Check out the video above.

It’s that time of year again and Ken Block has outdone himself!

Earlier today, Hoonigan, Ford and Need For Speed posted Ken Block’s Gymkhana SEVEN – Wild in the Streets: Los Angeles.  Having covered the epic “Gymkhana video series” for the past few years there is nothing in the world like it and Ken Block has certainly upped the ante with this new installment.

With some help from the Hollywood Hills and post apocalyptic Los Angeles, Ken and his corporate A-team of sponsors sure know how to make the ultimate drifting video.

This new video captures all the sounds and sheer genius skill of Ken Block as he tears through LA in his custom 1965, 845 horsepower fire-breathing Mustang. Honestly, enough of our words, just go ahead and enjoy this 12 minute video and be glad you don’t have to pay for Kenny’s tire bill.

Dodge Challenger Hellcats Leave Brampton for Dealers

Dodge has released this very cool video showing the first batch of the fire-breathing 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT® Hellcats being loaded up at Fiat-Chrysler’s Brampton, Ontario assembly plant.  With a sticker price of only $63,995 CDN the Hellcat is amazingly priced considering it comes with a supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI® SRT V8 engine, producing an unprecedented 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque making it the most powerful Dodge V8 and Challenger model ever.

As one of the most talked about cars of the year it’s no surprise the car racked up more than 4,500 orders in just the five days after orders opened in September.


After watching this video I totally want one!

And yes that is Mötley Crüe’s “Kickstart My Heart” banging in the background.

Taylor Swift Smashes an AC Cobra with a Golf Club in New Blank Space Video

Taylor Swift is not someone we tend to follow with any sort of interest but the 24-year old American superstar has just launched a new video for her Blank Space single and cars play a huge role.

In the pop idol’s new video, Taylor plays a severely hot-headed girlfriend with revenge on her mind as she runs around ruining a beautiful AC Cobra with a golf club.  Similar to many jilted lovers of the past, Taylor rages after seeing her boyfriend texting another women and the boyfriend’s classic Cobra takes the brunt of the jealousy. If you can’t stomach the entire video just click on 3:15 to get to the the car destruction.

Moral of this story – When your boyfriend cheats, you can do whatever you want to him, but please don’t touch his car especially if it is a classic!  The only good news is we are sure it is a replica since they always are but still the director should have used something less iconic.