New stricter rules coming to Ontario for distracted driving

Lots of buzz today across Ontario as Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca announced a new distracted driving bill in the legislature that will see stiffer penalties and increased fines. The new bill comes with real teeth as its proposing an increase from the current $60 to $500 fine range to between $300 and $1,000 along with the major step of introducing demerit points. Currently, no points are accumulated for using a mobile device while driving.

A driver looks at his mobile phone while driving  THE CANADIAN PRESS/Tom Boland

A driver looks at his mobile phone while driving –  THE CANADIAN PRESS/Tom Boland

The new legislation comes as distracted driving rises above impaired driving and speeding as the leading cause of death on the roads. Ontario Provincial Police said there were 78 distracted driving deaths last year compared to 57 for impaired 44 for speeding.

You only have to drive around town to see these stats for yourself as it’s all quite shocking really when you think about it. This whole distracted device issue is only about 10 years old and just think it is one more reason for the increase in momentum of the self driving car.

Source: Toronto Star



GoPro shares tank after journalist links camera to Michael Schumacher’s accident

There has been lots of buzz this week surrounding Michael Schumacher and this newly suggested idea that the GoPro camera he was using may have been part of the “problem” and may have worsened his head injuries. The sheer scale of this speculation is massive and the resulting press articles have sent shares of GoPro, lower this week.

Time will tell what happens with this one as we are sure there will be more to come here.

Seven-time F1 champion Schumacher suffered severe head injuries in a skiing accident in the French Alps last December. He emerged from a medically induced coma in June and returned home after being discharged from hospital in September.