Dubai Police add a Bugatti Veyron to fleet

Last Spring, several reports appeared about Dubai’s unreal assortment of police vehicles. Their ornamental fleet consisted of Dodge Chargers, Chevy Camaros, BMW 5 Series sedans and several exotics including a Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari Four. Well, the party continues in 2014 as they have just added a brand new Bugatti Veyron to this already insane stable.

This is so wrong for so many reasons, however, the most upsetting thing of all is, why would you paint police colours and add service lights to a $1.6 million Bugatti?

Honestly, the line more money than brains suits this perfectly.  Shame on Dubai.

We can only imagine some of our Canadian men and women in blue are wishing they worked in Dubai about now…Since those rides sure beat driving around in an old Ford Crown Victoria…..

Craig Jackson’s Garage

Here at RedlineNorth, we’re always on the look out for quality videos about cars and car people.  Recently, we came across an interesting video which is a bit of a combo on the series Cribs.  It’s a behind the scenes look at Craig Jackson’s house and his out of this world garage.  Yes, Craig is the CEO/Chairman of Barrett-Jackson and has some sweet rides to say the least.

Celebrity Rides

I know what you are thinking, why are we going down this route? Seriously though, it’s an endless topic and if you are into cars its well worth looking into further.  And for transparency’s sake, having loads of celebrity names on the site will not hurt our SEO rankings.

So let’s start with Canada’s own, Justin Bieber.  It should be no surprise that at only eighteen years old he wants to drive every cool car in the world and he can since the little dude made over $55 million last year according to Forbes magazine.

Here are some of the Biebes’ recent rides. The chrome plated Fisker Karma ­electric car which was a recent gift from buddy Ellen DeGeneres.

Cadillac Batmobile from West Coast Customs 

His very first Ferrari.

Porsche 911 Turbo

A Lambo at sixteen. What’s his Mom thinking?

Mercedes Sprinter Van

Smart Car

He sure likes his matte black rides but it seems like the chrome look is starting to be the newest fad hitting LA’s car culture.

Here is a small assortment of some over the top rides from today’s very rich pop star crowd. Beginning with Chris Brown’s Jet fighter inspired Lambo Gallardo – I guess he is not worried about standing out with the Paparrazi.

Aerosmith frontman and current American Idol judge, Steven Tyler recently purchased the world’s fastest street legal car called the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder for $1.1 million USD.

Lil Wayne – The first rapper to own a Bugatti Veyron.

Tyga’s Gold plated Audi R8.

Nicki Minaj’s pink Bentley Continental.

Kim Kardashian sitting in Scott Disick’s chrome plated Audi R8.

For the full list of celebs and their cars go to Celebrity cars and Celebrity Carz.