About Us

The RedlineNorth team consists of one hard core self proclaimed car nut along with a strong supporting cast of car enthusiasts who live in Toronto, Canada. We discuss anything auto related and focus on high level topics about cars including model reviews, news, profiling car owners and looking at the philosophy and lifestyle of the industry as a whole.  We cover both local and regional racing events, along with the enthusiast scene and any other topical issues related to automobiles. The end goal of RedlineNorth is to provide the autophile with an innovative source for discussion on the automobile. On this journey, we aim to provide the best quality stories to our followers, have some good old fashioned fun and some day ride shotgun with the Top Gear’s Stig.

Contact Information: redlinenorth@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “About Us

    • That’s great you checked out the blog and I’m glad you like it. Be sure to sign up to follow the blog and you will be alerted everytime we post something new. That way you don’t have to remember to come and check everyday.
      Happy reading 🙂

      RedlineNorth Team

      • Hi Chris,

        So glad you have discovered the blog. To get all the posts you can sign up to follow us via email right on the site – when you are looking at page you can see the follow icon and just click. Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook@ RedlineNorth and Twitter@ Redline_North.


        RedlineNorth Team

    • I have a rare 71 Fiat 124 spider and was wondering if Is this group still meeting on Thursday nights, or is this an old posting?

      • Hi Sandy,

        We have not gone to La Paloma since last year so you can likely look online and find something about it. Worst comes to worse take a run out there on a Thursday night and see what’s happening.

        Hope that helps.


        Team RedlineNorth

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