Mustang from Bullitt sold in auction for all time record price of $3.74 million

The 1968 Ford Mustang GT driven by Steve McQueen in the legendary chase scene in the movie “Bullitt” sold on Friday for $3.74 million. Make sure to turn up the volume at 1:24 – you will want to hear that 390-cubic-inch V8 in all its glory.

Although it is essentially an original 1968 Fastback Mustang GT car it did have a bunch of modifications personally commissioned from Steve McQueen for the film. For example, it had a bigger 390 V8 motor swapped in so it could keep up with the more powerful 1968 Dodge Charger R/T 440 in the chase scenes.

I can still remember my Dad telling me fondly about the night he went to the cinema in 1968 to watch the film.  So it was no surprise I got a screening of “Bullitt” at age 7 or 8 and from that day on wards I have loved muscle cars.  Here’s the link to the infamous 10 minute car chase – The film truly does represent such a different era of film making – long before CGI animation took over.


Turbos and Temples

In the new full length feature video Turbos and Temples, the boys from Australia’s Mighty Car Mods take an epic road trip in their newly purchased Nissan March Super Turbo.  This new film captures all the boys fun in the “Land of the Rising Sun” ending on an incredible high note as they drive the Hakone Skyline to attend Nissan’s Nismo Fest 2018.

The documentary is over three hours long, broken up into two parts which can be watched here.

Part 1

Part 2


Urban Assault 2

Back in 2016, Blake Wilkey rose to fame as a result of an insane video titled Urban Assault which went on to become a massive viral sensation.  It still stands up today as an epic video and is worth watching if you haven’t seen it.  Blake actually had to do some jail time for breaking a long list of driving laws in San Diego where the video was filmed.  However, the risk/reward has paid off nicely and Blake is now a social media darling with thousands of followers on Instagram.

After that first video, Blake went on to sell his 700 HP Baja Buggy to a Prince in Dubai. However, that did not end his off-road shenanigans as he has successfully leveraged his popularity by attracting major sponsors who have helped him build a beautiful new Baja buggy.  From all accounts, Blake seems to be a very affable, down to earth, fun loving guy so we are not surprised his rise to fame has continued to shine bright.

Earlier this month, in the run up to Las Vegas’s big off road race the Mint 400, Blake Wilkey launched his newest project titled Urban Assault 2.

This new video is 7.5 minutes of Blake driving like a mad man through the streets of Vegas.  The cinematography is top notch with lots of cool backgrounds all behind the carnal noise and crazy power of Wilkey’s LS3 powered Baja buggy.  Make sure to follow him at @b357wilkey

Ken Block’s GYMKHANA NINE: Raw Industrial Playground

Over the years, we have written many times about the infamous Gymkhana series, so it should come as no surprise we are writing about the latest installment. All of the earlier videos have become viral sensations, because the King of “Hoon”, Ken Block continues to push the boundaries behind the wheel.  The new and ninth version likely will too, as it captures the epic “Hooning” tradition of the rally star and his drifting genius.

While it was originally scheduled to be filmed in Sydney to tie in with the Australian Forza Horizon 3 video game, authorities said Block was too much of a “Hoon” for the Land Down Under and would only allow him to make the video on private property.  Instead, Block chose to film in an abandoned industrial area in New York state. Yeah Buffalo!

With so many global corporations shying away from the single big endorsement deal as a result of today’s fragmented online world we do appreciate Ford’s decision to buck the trend.  The combination of a significant amount of both resources and dollars enables the team to create a world-class product in the Gymkhana video series.

As part of Block’s deal with Ford Performance that sees him compete in the FIA World Rallycross championship, these videos feature him driving the custom-built 600 horsepower Ford Focus RS rally machine.  I’m sure the real ROI isn’t great, but it does make you want to take a Ford Focus for a test drive.

Who says we need to make America Great again?

With all this seriously negative Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump election coverage we thought it was time to post something on the lighter side.  Heck, I live in Canada and have started to avoid the news channels all together and there are still 5 weeks to go to election day.

We want to share this insane video we found on the Internet today.  It comes from the 2012 Corvettes in Carlisle burnout competition. And if you call yourself a gear head this insane video has got to bring a smile to your face.

Yes I know, some people may say this type of thing personifies what is wrong with America but you know what I’d say to those folks? The people in the grandstands are enjoying themselves and the Corvette owner looks to be one heck of a nice guy.

Personally, I can’t imagine doing this to a classic car and I would not want to buy new shoes for my roadster but yeah, the guy is not me.  To each his own, and that is what makes America so great!

Seriously, who says we need to make America great again?

Dune Buggy Driver Who Ripped Around San Diego Streets Faces 26 Charges

We don’t condone any person driving recklessly on public roads as it really is the dumbest thing you can do as a driver.  However, you have to admit this 800 HP dune buggy is an insane beast and it’s no surprise the video of it tearing up San Diego’s streets has become a viral sensation.  With over a million views since being posted in January, check it out for yourself.

Hopefully driver Blake Wilkey has now learned his lesson from the little joy ride as he is in some big trouble with the local law enforcement with 26 misdemeanor charges, including nine conspiracy counts.  Hope he has a good lawyer and some extra dough for bus fare.

Update on Adam Tang, Canadian Outlaw Stunt Racer

We wanted to give an update on an interesting story that first surfaced back in the Fall. This story starts in August 2013 when a Canadian born, commodities trader by the name of Adam Tang got behind the wheel of his Z4 BMW, and made history with a record-breaking drive around Manhattan.

Adam Tang

Officers escort Adam Tang to central police booking in New York’s Manhattan.  Photo source AP.

Upon completing this crazy feat, Tang uploaded his video online and that’s when the trouble began.  It wasn’t long before the video became an online sensation, but it also resulted in attention from NYC’s “boys in blue” who did not look kindly at his little stunt.  Later on in 2014, the NYPD arrested Tang for reckless driving and reckless endangerment. The video he posted online does show some close calls on New York streets, as Tang swerves in an out of traffic but he claims he never went over 160 km/hr and ran only one red light. Having decided a conviction was a foregone conclusion, Tang says he packed a suitcase and hopped into his 2006 BMW Z4 that he had used to illegally lap the city. Only this time he drove it out-of-town and back to his native Canada. This was in early November and in spite of him leaving NYC things kept moving ahead with the court case and on Dec. 8, 2014 a jury convicted Tang in absentia of reckless endangerment and reckless driving. At his sentencing hearing, a punishment of one year behind bars was passed down. But not to worry since Tang is confident he won’t be extradited back to the States. “I did my research and I talked to Canadian lawyers, who literally laughed at me on the phone saying ‘It ain’t going to happen.”

Known online by the moniker of “Afroduck“, Tang wanted to become a Youtube sensation and driving was his ticket. From all accounts he obsessed about cars and driving was his outlet so it’s no surprise that as he grew older he became more interested in the underground stunt driving world.  Growing up as an only child in an affluent Calgary suburb, Adam turned to video games and car culture during his teen years. And his car pedigree started off strong with an old model Range Rover as his first ride at the age of sixteen.  While living in Manhattan as a trader, he became interested in making his mark and that’s when breaking a legendary Manhattan driving record became his focus.

There is a little more to this story which you can read all about at the various different outlets. And to be clear, we are not condoning Adam’s law breaking incident however, we do we wish Adam all the luck in playing his predicament into a lucrative book deal or documentary film.

Check out Adam’s drive to fame video here.

Source: The Dailybeast

Corvette Go-Cart vs. 2014 Lingenfelter C7

The boys over at Motor Trend Channel’s “Roadkill” show have had some crazy fun taking apart a 1985 Corvette C4 and turning it into a supreme go-cart. Having grown up with a mighty 8.5 horsepower powered go-cart I was curious to see what a 300 horsepower version was all about.

As I’m not too interested in the high-priced Lingenfelter Corvette, the real fun for me starts at 18 minutes when they hit the track and at 24 minutes when they head out to the desert. At only $10,000 in parts, the Corvette Cart has got to be the best “bang for buck” racer ever…..

It’s that time of year again and Ken Block has outdone himself!

Earlier today, Hoonigan, Ford and Need For Speed posted Ken Block’s Gymkhana SEVEN – Wild in the Streets: Los Angeles.  Having covered the epic “Gymkhana video series” for the past few years there is nothing in the world like it and Ken Block has certainly upped the ante with this new installment.

With some help from the Hollywood Hills and post apocalyptic Los Angeles, Ken and his corporate A-team of sponsors sure know how to make the ultimate drifting video.

This new video captures all the sounds and sheer genius skill of Ken Block as he tears through LA in his custom 1965, 845 horsepower fire-breathing Mustang. Honestly, enough of our words, just go ahead and enjoy this 12 minute video and be glad you don’t have to pay for Kenny’s tire bill.