Carroll Shelby Goes Racing

To keep with our recent racing theme we stumbled upon some amazing old video from the 1960’s narrated by Carroll Shelby. The video covers a brief history of Carroll’s racing career along with footage of legendary drivers Pete Brock, Ken Miles and Dan Gurney testing the Mustang GT 350, AC Cobra and Ford GT at Willow Springs International Raceway.  Yes, the footage is 1000 times worse than what a 10-year-old can shoot with their smartphone, but that is not the point – this is an homage to the glory years of America’s racing prowess.


Crazy Rich Guy Skeet Shoots From Porsche 911 Targa

We have to thank the gang over at Jalopnik for finding this one.  Not sure whether to love or hate the guy so I will let you decide but it’s unique nonetheless. I never would have thought skeet shooting and Porsche 911 Targa would be in the same sentence but alas it is here.

Toyota Reimagines Marty McFly’s Dream Truck with 2016 Tacoma

Growing up as a kid in the 1980s the Back to the Future film franchise is part of your DNA. So it should be no surprise that we were interested in seeing what Toyota would do to capitalize on the 30th anniversary of the blockbuster film. Well, good on them for letting our imaginations go wild and for a brief moment let us dream of going to a dealer to order a 2016 Toyota Tacoma with the “1985” Marty McFly 4×4 look.

"Marty McFly" Toyota Tacoma

“Marty McFly” Toyota Tacoma

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely this beauty will ever see production, as it will likely end up in some auto museum along with all those other concepts that never come to life. Nevertheless, how cool would it be if they made a “Back to the Future” anniversary model with the 2016 Tacoma?  I would totally park it beside my “Fall Guy” GMC 2500 series…..

“Marty McFly” Toyota Tacoma

“Marty McFly” Toyota Tacoma

“Marty McFly” Toyota Tacoma

“Marty McFly” Toyota Tacoma

Photos courtesy of Toyota.

Goodwood Festival of Speed – 26th to 28th June 2015 – LIVE HD

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, if it’s not on your bucket list, it should be since it is one of the top events an auto enthusiast can experience. Wrapping up today on the grounds of the immaculate Goodwood House, West Sussex, England, this three-day festival is an annual hill climb featuring historic motor racing vehicles of epic proportions.  This year’s line-up includes a variety of famous racing cars from eras past driven hard and fast around the famous estate’s private track.  As an homage to the racing stars of the past, the event brings together both auto and motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world attracting on average 150,000 annual spectators.  To check out this incredible event you can watch live streaming on YouTube.  Happy viewing!

Going for a Rip in Richard Petty’s 200 MPH Plymouth Superbird

With the Goodwood Festival of Speed just around the corner we wanted to show a cool video segment from our friend’s at Goodwood Road & Racing. They recently travelled across the pond to visit “The King” Richard Petty at his North Carolina headquarters as a warm-up to Richard attending the UK’s Festival of Speed at the end of June.

The trip appears to have been totally worth it because they got up close and personal with Richard and tour the shop with him as their guide. However, the real cherry on top came in the form of a ride along with Petty’s mechanic Larry who took Goodwood Road & Racing’s Andy out for an impromptu rip on the rural North Carolina roads in Petty’s decorated 1970 Plymouth “Superbird”.  Petty describes how the front and rear wings made the “Superbird” so stable and how it was near impossible to spin out driving the famous car.  Petty goes on to say that he has not driven the car since 1970 which seems like a real shame since we’d make it our daily grocery getter especially after hearing the epic sounds of its 625 horsepower. Make sure to turn up the volume for this one (scroll to 6:50 min)

Music to your Ears

Talk about music to our enthusiasts’ ears! If you love cars you need to watch this symphony of sound. Nitto Tires has outdone themselves with this video montage showcasing some of the world’s most beautiful and rare automobiles roaring to life. The collection includes a total of 33 models ranging from vintage classics like early Mercedes and Porsches to a 1969 Jaguar E-Type and Austin Healey 3000 Mark III to the roar of the Lamborghini Aventador’s 6.5L V12.  Along the way there is the sonic sounds of the Saleen S7’s twin turbos and the exotic Pantera’s sloggy sounding V8. With the distinctive 60s Corvette and Camaro throaty muscle exhaust tying it all together.

For the average car enthusiasts the privilege to see these rare pieces of engineering is simply enough, but to hear each one come alive just puts things on a whole new level. Enjoy the beauty of these classic cars and turn up your speakers!

For those wanting to know the order of this musical genius here you are:

1. 2005 Ford GT
2. 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
3. 1964 Austin Healey 3000 Mark III
4. 2013 Vorsteiner McLaren MP4-12C
5. 1969 Jaguar E-Type
6. 2009 Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR
7. 1963 Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta Lusso
8. 2006 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo
9. 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale
10. 1964 Porsche 356
11. 2002 Ferrari 360 Modena
12. 1957 Mercedes Benz 190 SL
13. 2013 Radical RXC
14. 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed
15. 1967 Ford GT40 Mark III
16. 2009 Koenigsegg CCX
17. 1971 De Tomaso Pantera
18. 2013 Audi R8 V10
19. 1957 Jaguar XKSS
20. 1968 Chevrolet Camaro
21. 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
22. 1965 Ford Mustang
23. 2005 Carerra GT
24. 2014 Lamborghini Murcielago
25. 1974 Iso Grifo Iso Rivolta
26. 2014 Jaguar F-Type S Roadster
27. 1964 Porsche 901
28. 1967 Chevrolet Corvette
29. 2014 Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador-V LP-740
30. 2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT
31. 2010 Aston Martin DBS Carbon Black Edition
32. 1990 Ferrari F40
33. 2014 McLaren P1

Learn more about how the video was made here:

Special Thanks To Following Collections: Lamborghini Newport Beach, McLaren Newport Beach, Petersen Automotive Museum, The Breslow Collection



Canadian Star Trek “Boogie” Van is up for sale

We could not pass up sharing this story that came out in a number of news outlets including Jalopnik and the Toronto Star recently.  A Vancouver man has put his 1978 GMC G15 Vandura “Boogie Van up for sale on Craigslist.

This is no ordinary van.  It’s covered with Star Trek themed murals including images of the cast mates of the original show along with a topless alien woman. Interestingly, the airbrushed designs were all painted by Toronto artist Gordon S. Roy in 1980.  I will let you come to your own decision on this one, but you do have to admit it seems like quite the vehicle for only $9500.

Star Trek van

Star Trek van

The Ultimate Redneck Ford Bronco

The team over at Motor Trend’s Dirt Every Day, builds the coolest 4×4 trucks ever driven in the bush.  On a recent episode they have outdone themselves once again with an insane 1979 Ford Bronco which has been modified to house a Dillon Aero’s M134D Minigun in the back. Seriously, what is more bad ass than a “Redneck Bronco” with a gatling gun that can shoot 3-4,000 rounds per minute. Be sure to skip to 17:28 to check out the minigun in action.


Awesome funny Holden videos from Aussies living in the US

Going with last week’s Holden Ute theme we came across the following videos which are just too funny not to share.  Ironically, a female colleague who is British shared her Aussie friend’s videos with me.

Got to love the INXS soundtrack in this as some stereotypes really are just too funny not to embrace…..And to be filmed around the sacred ground of Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a nice touch.


Australia El Camino meets US McDonald’s drive-thru…….

100 Vintage Cars Discovered on French Farm Worth at least £12 million

In today’s world of Wikipedia not much is left to the imagination and certainly finding hidden treasure has become a rarity.  So this story is just so darn cool we had to cover it since as auto enthusiasts the barn find is the Holy Grail.

After calling in auctioneer’s to the family farm, the grandchildren of French transport magnate Roger Baillon discovered that the 100 dirt-covered cars that had decayed away undisturbed for decades could now be worth £12 million or more at auction.

Of course these are not your average vintage cars as they range from 1930s-1950s models from all the great European brands, such as Bugatti, Porsche, Maserati and Ferrari. Although most of the vehicles were only covered by a shed roof exposing them to the elements, two very special sports cars were hidden away in a garage. The two cars are a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider with covered headlights which is one of only 37 ever made. The second one is a 1956 Maserati A6G Gran Sport Frua.

The Collectors’ Car Department at Artcurial, a French auction house, recently discovered the incredible collection.  They will be putting up the entire collection for auction in Paris on February 6th, 2015.

‘We found ourselves overcome with emotion. Probably much like Lord Carrington and Howard Carter, on being the first person for centuries to enter Tutankhamun’s tomb,” stated Matthieu Lamoure, Managing Director of Artcurial Motorcars. “This really is a treasure. No doubt a once-in-a-lifetime discovery.”

Roger Baillon’s collection, beginning around 1950, was nearly twice as big as the number recently discovered.  One Talbot-Lago in the collection had previously been owned by Egyptian King Farouk and a Ferrari had been used in the filming of a movie with Jane Fonda. Along with the rare Maserati in this collection, Baillon had intended to build a museum with his collection. However, when things didn’t go as expected, he was forced to sell 50 of his beloved cars, and the rest of the collection was just parked and literally forgotten about until now.  Hopefully these world-class beauties will be restored to their original greatness and shared in museums around the world.

Check out more images at Bored Panda’s coverage.