Road Rage caught on dash cam in Vancouver, BC

We are not exactly sure what happened to make the guy in the white Suzuki get out of his car and give the guy in the black Jetta a quick right hand but something must have happened.  Nevertheless, violence is never the answer and Suzuki man behaves like a total jerk as he gives Jetta man a pretty good sucker punch through the window.  Filmed in Vancouver, BC on a dash cam, the really cool part of this story is how Vancouver Police dealt with the road rage culprit.  I say, bravo Canada! Way to go on getting the bad guy. It’s always nice to see justice in action. Check it out for yourself here.

Canadian Star Trek “Boogie” Van is up for sale

We could not pass up sharing this story that came out in a number of news outlets including Jalopnik and the Toronto Star recently.  A Vancouver man has put his 1978 GMC G15 Vandura “Boogie Van up for sale on Craigslist.

This is no ordinary van.  It’s covered with Star Trek themed murals including images of the cast mates of the original show along with a topless alien woman. Interestingly, the airbrushed designs were all painted by Toronto artist Gordon S. Roy in 1980.  I will let you come to your own decision on this one, but you do have to admit it seems like quite the vehicle for only $9500.

Star Trek van

Star Trek van