Going for a Rip in Richard Petty’s 200 MPH Plymouth Superbird

With the Goodwood Festival of Speed just around the corner we wanted to show a cool video segment from our friend’s at Goodwood Road & Racing. They recently travelled across the pond to visit “The King” Richard Petty at his North Carolina headquarters as a warm-up to Richard attending the UK’s Festival of Speed at the end of June.

The trip appears to have been totally worth it because they got up close and personal with Richard and tour the shop with him as their guide. However, the real cherry on top came in the form of a ride along with Petty’s mechanic Larry who took Goodwood Road & Racing’s Andy out for an impromptu rip on the rural North Carolina roads in Petty’s decorated 1970 Plymouth “Superbird”.  Petty describes how the front and rear wings made the “Superbird” so stable and how it was near impossible to spin out driving the famous car.  Petty goes on to say that he has not driven the car since 1970 which seems like a real shame since we’d make it our daily grocery getter especially after hearing the epic sounds of its 625 horsepower. Make sure to turn up the volume for this one (scroll to 6:50 min)

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