Skoda Superb 2012

The Škoda Superb is a large sedan built by the Czech car manufacturer Škoda Auto. Škoda Auto’s parent company is the Volkswagen Group which is significant for the smaller manufacturer since they are able to leverage the larger resources of the global Volkswagen Group.

The Superb models produced from 2001 to 2008 were based on the Volkswagen Passat platform but were 10 centimetres (3.9 in) longer.  The 2008 and newer models are all based on a stretched version of the Volkswagen Group’s A5 Octavia platform.  The current 2012 model Superb is a five-door five-seat liftback saloon/sedan, with an innovative tailgate known as ‘Twin-Door’.

It is currently the largest and most luxurious model in Škoda’s model range. The Superb name had originally been used by Škoda for luxury cars produced between 1934 and 1942.


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