New Details of “The Beast”

Autoweek has recently uncovered new details about the presidential limousine, otherwise known as “The Beast.”  Or should we say limousines as there isn’t just one, but rather twelve in the President’s motor pool, each cost more than $1 million.

Presidential limo otherwise known as The Beast

Presidential limo otherwise known as The Beast

Although it may resemble a Cadillac, there is very little in the car that is a Cadillac.  Rather the vehicle is a custom job built from the ground up in order to handle the extra load imposed by the operational features.

Some of those features include special locking mechanisms, communications and fire-suppression systems as well as Kevlar-reinforced Goodyear run-flats.  Other extras not found in your average limousine are a separate oxygen supply under the President’s seat, emergency medical equipment, including bottles of the President’s blood type and an encrypted satellite phone.  Finally, don’t forget its military-grade armor on the doors, fenders and fuel tank.

Autoweek has also provided a run down on some of the more interesting numbers on the vehicle:


3.7: Average miles to the gallon

12: Number of actual Beasts in service

$1.5 million: How much each Beast costs

18: How long the Beast is, in feet

8: Thickness, in inches, of the doors’ armor plating

5: Thickness, in inches, of the windows–bulletproof, of course

15,000: Best guess on how much The Beast weighs, in pounds

Surprisingly, despite all the extra weight the vehicle apparently accelerates and handles quite well according to those in the know.  All in all, the vehicle is an impressive engineering feat, with much more than meets the eye.

Source: Autoweek

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