Who says sex doesn’t sell?

Well, some things never change as we see Subaru has decided to use the old story of the bad boy stealing the Sheriff’s daughter to sell its new 2015 WRX STI model. The new ad is a mini film about a Subaru driving outlaw (Bucky Lasek) who comes to town and steals the Sheriff’s daughter.  Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.


Video of Ken Block’s scary crash at Lake Superior Performance Rally

We regularly cover news on the indelible Ken Block and this is another story we thought worth sharing.  Back in October, Ken Block and co driver/navigator Alex Gelsomino needed a win at the Lake Superior Performance Rally to take the 2013 Rally America championship. However, this was not to be as the boys missed a clump of dirt in the road along with a word in the pace notes resulting in their Ford Fiesta becoming airborne and tumbling over five times.

Check out this video interview as Ken and Alex describe what went wrong on the course that day. Thankfully they both walked away from the crash uninjured.

The video reveals Block’s incredible competitive streak as you see him start the engine and attempt to get back on the course as soon as the car stops rolling.  The only problem is the front wheels were both gone…..

Here are some more images from the crash captured by Jalopnik.

Ken Block’s RaptorTrax

In the spirit of this month’s Sochi Winter Olympics we thought this was a very cool story to share.  Driver extraordinaire Ken Block has debuted a new creation from Ford called the RaptorTrax.  This unreal modified Ford Raptor has swapped its wheels for snow trax to become the greatest winter vehicle. Of course with Ken Block behind the wheel putting it through its paces is a bit of an understatement.  Check out this photo montage of his new toy in action as well as a start-up in this crazy machine.

Here’s another clip of Ken driving the RaptorTrax around town at last month’s X Games in Aspen. How fun would going through the drive-thru be?

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six

It’s that time of year again! Ken Block along with sponsoring partner Need for Speed have come out with a new installment of the epic “Gymkhana series”.  Having covered the infamous series for the past few years there is nothing in the world like it.  This latest version picks up where the fifth installment from the streets of San Francisco left off. Titled Gymkhana SIX: The Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course this new version is set in an industrial area where once again Block is able to do the impossible; drifting between shipping containers, hitting man-made jumps while narrowly avoiding Lamborghini Aventadors and cops on Segways.


Ken Block in Gymkhana 6

After watching the six and half-minute video it’s no surprise this series is one of the most watched and shared web franchises of all time.  Ken Block truly is a magician while in the driver’s seat of his purpose-built, out of this world, 2013 Ford Fiesta ST RX43.  I only wish I was a member of Ford’s marketing team when the deal was signed to get Block to switch from Subaru.  I’m sure they pay him a pretty penny but seriously there is no better advertisement in the world for the blue oval.

Please beware after watching this film you may think you are a rally star but I’m afraid you will still be an armchair star like the rest of us.  Please note: video participant is the best professional stunt driver in the world…..Don’t try this at home.

Drifting videos

You may have already seen some of the coverage of rally superstar Ken Block‘s Toronto tour stop. Well, if you are wanting more on the event, the guys from Autoblog Canada have published their full interview with Ken.  Of course, the real cool part would be to see the video of their drive along which I guess we have to wait to see since they have not published it yet.  In the past, we have published many Ken Block Gymkhana videos which are always worth checking out.

On a related note, we recently came across a cool new drifting video created by Sylvania Canada. Shot in an undisclosed location SYLVANIA Canada and Canadian Tire teamed up to capture the beauty of drift racing at night. In making the video, drift drivers modified their cars with SYLVANIA Silverstar® zXe Twin Halogen Headlight Bulbs and absolutely rip it around a challenging outdoor course.

Targa Newfoundland

For the past twelve years, Targa Newfoundland has played host as a unique one of kind auto event providing auto enthusiasts with the opportunity to drive or race their own cars along a 2200 kilometer course through Canada’s most eastern province. This amazing course is comprised of central Newfoundland‘s breathtaking public roads along with competitive race sections held on closed roads.

Photo source: thegarageblog.com 2009

Photo source: thegarageblog.com 2009

For one week every September, the roads in Newfoundland become much busier with all types of vehicles attempting to tame Newfoundland’s incredible terrain.  As auto enthusiasts, Targa Newfoundland needs to be on your bucket list if not already.  We hope some day in the near future we are able to run a RedlineNorth team in this epic auto adventure. Be sure to check out all the recent coverage as the event wraps up tomorrow.

Photo source: ca.autoblog.com 2011

Photo source: ca.autoblog.com 2011

Rally for the Cure 2013

On Sunday, August 18th, Team RedlineNorth participated for the 2nd year in a row in the Ewing’s Cancer Foundation of Canada Rally for the Cure. Having had such an incredible time at last year’s event we were eager to take part once again. And the weather gods were certainly on our side as you could not have asked for a better day as the sun shined!

Dune Buggy

Team Kristy Ann, Dune Buggy

The Rally for the Cure is a unique charity event that incorporates both autos and planes in a truly one-of-a-kind experience.  The event is comprised of a treasure hunt theme rally, delicious BBQ, silent auction, and variety of musical performances all in an amazing festive atmosphere at Markham’s Buttonville airport.


Ferrari 360

Although, Team RedlineNorth came up short only placing 8th compared to last year’s 2nd place, the event was a ton of fun and is truly a rewarding experience. We were successful in getting a few other teams out with us, of whom placed 5th and 9th respectively, and we hope to bring even more teams to next year’s event.


One of the many planes

The Rally for the Cure event is not only fun for the car and plane enthusiast but is something the whole family can do so please be sure to mark the 2014 date (Sunday, September 14th) in your calendars as there is no better way to spend a Sunday.

Mitsubishi Evo

Mitsubishi Evo


Classic Porsche

Check out the following link for more photos from this year’s event.

Sebastien Loeb King of the Hill

Nine time WRC champion Sébastien Loeb has destroyed the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb record in his Peugeot 652kW 208 T16 with a time of 8m13.878s. He beat the existing record of 9m46.181 set by Rhys Millen in 2012, by more than a minute and a half.  Loeb’s average speed in this year’s race was 140 kph (87 mph).

Millen was a distant second this year with a time of 9:02.192 in his 2013 Hyundai PM580T, and Jean-Philippe Dayraut of France also topped the previous record with a time of 9:42.740 while driving a 2011 Mini Countryman.

You can see Loeb’s record breaking performance below.

Getting Ready for Pikes Peak 2013

As the second oldest auto race in the US, there is no shortage of buzz surrounding the 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb set for Sunday, June 30th. With an immense range of different classes of competitors it is one race that provides something for every auto enthusiast.

Pikes Peak

Source: blogs.hotrod.com

This weekend’s race will be an exceptionally interesting one as it’s Peugeot’s first appearance at Pikes Peak in 24 years. The last time Peugeot ran up the mountain was back in 1988 in the 205 Turbo 16 rally car. This year’s version is a heavily modified black on black version of the 208 hatchback piloted by the most winningest of all rally drivers, Sebastien Loeb.

Peugeot Pikes Peak

Source: Peugeot

This video gives you a real flavour of what Peugeot has brought to Pikes Peak in the past as well as what they are bringing this year.

Last year, we wrote a post about the spectacular crash from the 2012 race. Thankfully, the driver and co-driver were not seriously hurt.

We wish all the racers a safe and successful race on Sunday!

Sources: MotorTrend and Peugeot

New Ken Block Video

Ken Block is featured in a new GoPro video camera ad barreling through a forest in Potosi, MO as part of his preseason training. For those not familiar with rally car racing you can see just how close drivers come to hitting trees and other obstacles in the off road course.  That’s where driver skill and co-driver navigation are critical, something that Ken and is co-driver Alex Gelsomino have in spades. Enjoy.

For more Ken Block check out his previous Gymkhana videos, here and here.