RIP Dave Mirra – 1974-2016

Some tragic news came out yesterday as police confirmed reports that Dave Mirra, one of the world’s best BMX freestyle riders and rally car drivers died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in Greenville, North Carolina.

Authorities said they responded to an apparent suicide and discovered his body in a truck. Mirra, 41, was married with two children. He had been visiting friends in the area, officials said.

Growing up, Dave Mirra was an idol to me and my friends so this news really does hit home.  Mirra had super human talent and from all the coverage over the years he seemed like an absolute gem of a person which makes this all the more tragic.

Here is a recent tribute video of Dave Mirra.

Here are some older video highlights from Dave’s time as a driver for Team Subaru Rally USA.


Ken Block’s RaptorTrax

In the spirit of this month’s Sochi Winter Olympics we thought this was a very cool story to share.  Driver extraordinaire Ken Block has debuted a new creation from Ford called the RaptorTrax.  This unreal modified Ford Raptor has swapped its wheels for snow trax to become the greatest winter vehicle. Of course with Ken Block behind the wheel putting it through its paces is a bit of an understatement.  Check out this photo montage of his new toy in action as well as a start-up in this crazy machine.

Here’s another clip of Ken driving the RaptorTrax around town at last month’s X Games in Aspen. How fun would going through the drive-thru be?