Video of Ken Block’s scary crash at Lake Superior Performance Rally

We regularly cover news on the indelible Ken Block and this is another story we thought worth sharing.  Back in October, Ken Block and co driver/navigator Alex Gelsomino needed a win at the Lake Superior Performance Rally to take the 2013 Rally America championship. However, this was not to be as the boys missed a clump of dirt in the road along with a word in the pace notes resulting in their Ford Fiesta becoming airborne and tumbling over five times.

Check out this video interview as Ken and Alex describe what went wrong on the course that day. Thankfully they both walked away from the crash uninjured.

The video reveals Block’s incredible competitive streak as you see him start the engine and attempt to get back on the course as soon as the car stops rolling.  The only problem is the front wheels were both gone…..

Here are some more images from the crash captured by Jalopnik.

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