VW’s Diesel Cheating Began With Cost-Cutting: Report

With every passing day this VW scandal seems to be getting bigger so now seemed like a good time as any to take a closer look.

VW Scandal

VW Scandal

And Jalopnik has gone ahead and done us a solid with this article that explains how the whole mess started with VW attempting to cost cut.  I’m no litigation expert but after reading this it appears that things may still get a lot worse before they get better.  It truly is a big f’ing mess that will likely take a few years to sort out.  I do feel sorry for the thousands of workers around the world and all the secondary industry folks who had nothing to do with this but will be severely affected.  I sincerely hope VW puts its best men and women on the case and is able to come out of this a better company in the future.



Electric Vehicle News

News this week that Volvo will be bringing its Plug-In Hybrid Electric Diesel V60 to the New York Auto Show next week as it is one of the finalists for the 2013 Green Car of the Year Awards.  The V60 is the world’s first production diesel plug-in hybrid. The diesel engine paired with the electric motor and battery offering 50 kilometers of pure electric range will provide a combined fuel economy of 130 MPG. Of course being an electric there will be instant power off the line and the V60 will reportedly do 0-60 mph in 6.1 seconds. In addition, the diesel engine will provide that much more range compared to gasoline.  No definitive answer as to whether the diesel version of the V60 PHEV will be coming to North America (Source Autoblog Canada).

World's First Diesel PHEV

V60 World’s First Diesel PHEV

Volkswagen also recently announced that it will be launching a pure electric version of its up! car. The Volkswagen e-up! will use the new Combined Charging System which will use a single plug for charging at Level 2 and Level 3. Unfortunately, the e-up! won’t be coming to North America at this point, however, other electric models from Volkswagen are expected to make it over to this side of the Atlantic including the e-Golf. Unlike the V60 the acceleration performance of the e-up! will not be as pronounced and will reportedly reach 0-60 mph in 14 seconds.  This is relatively slow by North American standards, however, it will travel 93 miles on a single charge which is very respectable as far as electric vehicles go.

Volkswagen e-up!

Volkswagen e-up!

Rally Mexico 2013

Many of you have already likely seen the World Baseball Classic game from Saturday which saw Canada and Mexico in a bench clearing brawl. Well, if you haven’t go ahead and check this out as it is really is quite the spectacle.

On a related note, last weekend’s Rally Mexico is one of the toughest races on the WRC‘s annual schedule given the high altitude geography of the course.  French Volkswagen driver and Team Red Bull member Sebastien Ogier won the event by more than three minutes to take his second straight WRC victory.


Volkswagen Motorsport chief Jost Capito dedicated the team’s victory to the team’s engine builder after the Polo R WRC took the checkered flag. Capito was quoted ironically “To win with that engine in the neighbourhood of the country’s Volkswagen plant makes us very proud people”.

Source: Autosport.com

Here is a nice video monage of footage from the Rally Mexico event.