VW’s Diesel Cheating Began With Cost-Cutting: Report

With every passing day this VW scandal seems to be getting bigger so now seemed like a good time as any to take a closer look.

VW Scandal

VW Scandal

And Jalopnik has gone ahead and done us a solid with this article that explains how the whole mess started with VW attempting to cost cut.  I’m no litigation expert but after reading this it appears that things may still get a lot worse before they get better.  It truly is a big f’ing mess that will likely take a few years to sort out.  I do feel sorry for the thousands of workers around the world and all the secondary industry folks who had nothing to do with this but will be severely affected.  I sincerely hope VW puts its best men and women on the case and is able to come out of this a better company in the future.



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