RedlineNorth in Buenos Aires

In mid-October, Team RedlineNorth had the opportunity to spend some time in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It truly is an amazing city and worthy of the name “Paris of Latin America” with its many wonderful restaurants, dancing, museums, shopping, architecture and culture. Oh yes, and don’t forget the men and women – they don’t look half bad either.

The billboards were far more beautiful than most of the cars

Consequently, it was a bit disappointing from an auto perspective as there were not exactly many nice autos to be seen.  Here is a a brief slideshow of what we saw on the streets of the Argentinian capital.

Can you say VIP parking?

Ford Falcon

A little rust

Argentinean “Campo” ranch truck

Parking between lanes

The always elegant Audi S5

Commuter traffic

RedlineNorth in Vienna, Austria

Team RedlineNorth recently traveled to Vienna, Austria to experience the sights and sounds of one of the most magnificent cities in the world. With Austria’s strong economy and a history of liking the “finer things” the local Viennese have some nice rides.  Here is a taste of what you will see on a typical day in Vienna.

With its close proximity to Germany, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW’s are the standard cars most Viennese drive. In our travels we tried to find some vehicles less popular in North America.  Here is an assortment of American, French, English and German models currently found on the streets of Vienna.

Vintage VW Beetle

Who knew Ford Focus came in a hardtop convertible?

Matte finishes are very popular.

2000 MG convertible

Sweet Carrera 4S

Vintage Triumph convertible

Tour bus

The French still make some beautiful sedans.

More matte finishes

Smart car convertible

Audi S3 – Fastest grocery getter around.

I know we have lots of these but could not resist – The ever amazing Audi S5.

A Ferrari dealership storefront on the Ringstrasse.