Glow in the Dark Road – Not Glowing

As a follow up to a post we brought you 18 months ago about the installation of glow in the dark paint on a highway in the Netherlands it appears the paint is not glowing as well as intended.  The road, N329 in Oss, approximately 100km south east of Amsterdam had glow in the dark paint applied recently as a pilot project to help drivers navigate an area that didn’t have street lighting.

Glow in the dark road markings in the Netherlands

Glow in the dark road markings in the Netherlands

It appears that the paint is sensitive to large amounts of rainfall and moisture and did not glow consistently as a result.  Engineers will be using this data to create what they call glow lines 2.0 which should be ready by the summer.

Another unintended consequence of applying the glow lines was drivers turning off their headlights as they passed through the area to experience the glow effect.  Probably not the best idea, especially since they weren’t glowing as well as intended!

Source: BBC News