Say it ain’t so…

Today is a devastating day for Ferrari fans as a Canadian Ferrari F40 supercar met its death in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. Initially reported by AutoMotoFoto the crash happened just after 2:00pm EST at the intersection of Rowntree Dairy Road and Auto Park Circle. According to AMF’s contacts, the Dodge Dart ran a red light and crashed into the ultra special Ferrari which was being driven by a technician from Ferrari of Ontario returning from a post-service test drive.

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40

Thankfully, nether driver was seriously injured and the F40 is likely salvageable which is huge. Since with only 1,315 ever built and a historical inflation rated price tag of $843,616 USD this is no ordinary Ferrari. The F40 is one of the most valuable and iconic Ferrari’s of all time as it was designed to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary and was the last model personally approved by the godfather himself Enzo Ferrari. At the time of its launch in 1987 the F40 was one of the most powerful and expensive cars ever built.  Designed as a street legal race car with a 478 horsepower 2.9-liter twin turbo V8 that resulted in a 0-62 mph time of just 3.8 seconds.  Adding to its epic folklore were claims that the F40 had slightly more horsepower than Ferrari stated. It truly is one of the world’s best cars ever produced and hopefully we don’t lose any more of these rare beauties.


Best of Formula One engine sounds

We wanted to share a very cool story from our friends over at AutoMotoFoto about the best of Formula One engine sounds.  Beginning from the early days of the V6 turbocharged engines to the more modern V10, V12 and most recently the V8 – these engines are all music to the ears of F1 enthusiasts. Interestingly though, for 2014, the Formula One engines are now back to a V6 turbocharged setup and some fans and drivers have already complained about the lack of sound of these engines during the races.  Well, you be the judge after watching this video. Be sure to crank up the volume on the speakers as you will want to capture all of it. Just think, it’s only two months until Montreal’s Canadian Grand Prix.