Stocking Stuffers for Drivers and Car Fans

Looking for a little something this Christmas for a family member, friend, or just about anyone who drives a vehicle?  Check out this little handy gadget that can be attached to your key chain, or thrown in a purse.  It’s called Resqme.  In an emergency this gadget can cut your seat belt and break out the safety glass in your windscreen.  Not bad for $10!


This next one might not fit in a stocking, however, if you have an F1 race fan in your family or circle of friends you might want to check out this F1 gear ratio clock.  It uses a genuine race used Renault F1 Gear Ratio. Available from for £99.



Finally, for the kid in all of us, how about building your own Hot Wheels cars from wax.  This kit uses coloured wax sticks and turns them into a moulded vehicle in about 8 mins.  Hours of fun for a son or daughter, or perhaps the parents? Available from Mattel for $49 USD