Stocking Stuffers for Drivers and Car Fans

Looking for a little something this Christmas for a family member, friend, or just about anyone who drives a vehicle?  Check out this little handy gadget that can be attached to your key chain, or thrown in a purse.  It’s called Resqme.  In an emergency this gadget can cut your seat belt and break out the safety glass in your windscreen.  Not bad for $10!


This next one might not fit in a stocking, however, if you have an F1 race fan in your family or circle of friends you might want to check out this F1 gear ratio clock.  It uses a genuine race used Renault F1 Gear Ratio. Available from for £99.



Finally, for the kid in all of us, how about building your own Hot Wheels cars from wax.  This kit uses coloured wax sticks and turns them into a moulded vehicle in about 8 mins.  Hours of fun for a son or daughter, or perhaps the parents? Available from Mattel for $49 USD


Hot Wheels Double Loop de Loop at 2012 X Games

As reported earlier this month Team Hot Wheels has just completed another world record stunt.  This time a double loop de loop at the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles California.

I don’t know about you but the inside car seems to be traveling too slowly on the approach to get all the way around the loop, but of course they performed the stunt successfully, so speed obviously wasn’t a factor.

Good control on the landing after the little bounce from the second vehicle.

Making of/teaser video below:


Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta Does Gymkhana Hot Wheels-Style

A few weeks ago we posted a video of rally car driver Ken Block taking his Ford Fiesta rally car through the Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry in the third instalment of his Gymkhana video series. Well the folks over at Hot Wheels have created a replica of Block’s Fiesta and the following is a video of the RC version of the car tearing it up around Venice beach, California.

After watching the video it makes you want to go out and get one of these!