RedlineNorth Rant…..

We try not to focus on rants but since we are now in the heat of summer we thought it was a good time to get a few things off our chests.  Big rigs, trucks, tractor trailers and road trains are among the most common names for these ambivalent vehicles. Yes, we are referring to those 18 wheelers that we share our roads and highways with across this continent.

tractor trailer

Truck in Canada’s Winter

Well, what’s the deal?  The other day we drove during business hours on the 401 west of Toronto and oh my gosh, there are so many trucks and man do they ever go fast!

What happened to the law in Ontario that stated they were going to all be governed at 105 KM/H? Well, that was thrown out of court back in 2012 as seen in this Toronto Star article.

The other thing is the insanity of these trucks driving in the left lane when they are only suppose to be in that lane for passing purposes. Honestly, on the day in question I would say more of them were in the left lane than the right lane. Now, before everyone goes crazy on us we are not suggesting all truck drivers behave like this as it’s just some of them and we do respect the hard work and important job the majority of them do. Nevertheless, it has become evident to me why when people from other countries come to visit they are shocked by the 401 and the trucks.  I mean it is Canada after all and we are suppose to be super civilized….aren’t we?