March Was a Good Month for Electric Vehicles

Looks like things are looking up for electric vehicles in the month of March.  General Motors sold the most amount of Volts ever in one month with 2,289.  In addition, Nissan is reporting that Leaf owners are only traveling 25 miles (40 kms) per day.  This is well below the expected driving range of 73 miles (120 km) for the vehicle. The average daily distance of 25 miles isn’t out of line with what household travel surveys tell us about general driver behaviour.  The biggest challenge for electric vehicles in my opinion is re-adjusting the behavior of drivers from filling up once a week at outside of the home to more frequent ‘re-fueling’ in the home.

Nissan Leaf Interior

Finally, Forbes has an interesting article challenging the recent headlines over the past 18 months indicating electric vehicles aren’t selling. Their assertion, and I would agree, is that the vehicles are selling but it’s the original expectations were too high for a new technology.

Chevy Volt