Examining Donk style

Originating in South Florida the Donks style also known as Hi-Risers has now become popular across the US with most concentrated popularity in the Indianapolis, St. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Carolinas and Central Florida areas. It is comprised of inexpensive domestic sedan models primarily from the years 1970-1990 which have had their stock tires and rims replaced with large diameter low profile tires with chrome rims.  By most accounts the Donk style is thought to have originated with rapper Trick Daddy, who hails from the Miami neighborhood of Liberty City. The most popular vehicles for these types of modifications are full-size Chevrolet models including the Impala, Caprice and the mid-sized Monte Carlo. In addition, various Buicks, Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs and Fords of the era are also widely used.  Here are some images and a video which gives you a flavour of the Donk style.  It’s certainly not for everyone and the vehicles are not exactly practical for anything other than cruising but the scene is interesting nonetheless.

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