Inaugural Post

As a marketer, I have seen the power of blogs to build buzz, share information and connect people around the world. Yet, until recently, I was never compelled to start one. Perhaps, this is because I inherently knew I would procrastinate with regards to updating it. However, times have changed and my passion for the automobile has summoned me to create a blog once and for all. I’m pleased to introduce you all to the inaugural entry of the RedlineNorth blog and welcome you to join us on this journey. We will attempt to provide you with regular information covering all topics from the automobile world locally and globally.

First things first though – check out the following:

It shows a side of the Ariel Atom that 99% of people have never seen.

Some amazing videos can be found at the following link –

Super Speeders – Solid site for real footage speeding videos – I recently broke down and bought one and it was money well spent….

Also, can’t wait until the day I have a spare 20K cause I’m doing this race someday.

Check out – Bullrun

This matte black Bentley parked in front of the Air Canada Center would be stellar Bullrun ride.


RedlineNorth Team

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