Lifted Trucks on Instagram

Even if trucks are not your thing, as an auto enthusiast you need to check this site out. It’s called Liftedtrucksaddict and it’s on Instagram…It has something for everyone as the trucks range from mildly “over the top” to absolutely totally “downright absurd”. Although these trucks are true decadence in today’s era of conservation there is still something about them that makes you want one as a new summer toy.

Unfortunately, as a big city dweller these trucks are not an option for me so I will just have to dream. So here’s to those fossil fuel burning good old boys…..and gals.



2012 Fall Mudfest at Gopher Dunes

On an absolutely beautiful Sunday in September, Team RedlineNorth headed back to Gopher Dunes in Courtland, Ontario for their Fall Mudfest event.  Having attended several times now, we knew what to expect and it lived up to the hype once again.  It really is something you have to experience in person to fully “get”.  At this season’s event, there were three large mud bogs for those ambitious folks as well as some amazing trails for the more conservative 4×4 enthusiasts.

We have attempted to capture the essence of these grassroots mud buggies.

Custom fabricated ride

60s Dodge

Ford with tractor tires

Pontiac Fiero on steriods

Vintage Willy’s Jeepster

Hitting the trails in the woods section

Jeep TJ

Classic K5 Blazer

For more information about Mudfest, be sure to check out the Gopher Dunes fanpage on Facebook.