VW Bus – Simple Soul

In our continuing effort to bring you interesting and cool car videos found found in cyberspace, today we focus in on a short film called Simple SoulSimple Soul is part of the Depth of Speed series and this video focuses on the T1 version of the VW bus, or also known officially as the VW Type 2 (T1 version). The narrator talks about his love of the VW bus, including its simplicity in terms of the mechanics and design.  The popularity of the VW bus has had its ups and downs over the years.  In the narrator’s opinion its popularity is on its way up again as people are interested in reliving some of their youth, or have found memories of the VW bus that they want to regain.  The particular VW bus profiled in this video has a beautiful paint job. It makes you want to go out on a long road trip this summer!