Classic American Cars in Cuba

From a historical perspective you’ve got to love the old 1950s American cars that are still being driven all over Cuba. The Cadillacs, Packards and De Sotos running around are like a moving museum.

The following are a few links to various collections of pictures and videos of the cars that Cuba is famous for.

Flickr group dedicated to pictures of Cuban cars (about 6,500 photos)

Cuba’s Classic Cars Photo Gallery

Youtube video of the Classic Cars of Cuba

The following article points to a reason why some of these classic vehicles may start disappearing in Cuba. As of last year Cubans are now able to buy and sell vehicles of all ages (not just pre-1959 models). While the car buying process in Cuban won’t be the same as Europe or North America, it’s a step that’s probably very welcomed in the country. Let’s hope, however, those American classics keep on rolling for many years to come.