Retiring Car Dealer’s Gift to Staff

What do you do when you have sold your car dealership and are about to retire, but want to thank your staff?  If you are 83 year old Howard Cooper from Howard Cooper Import Center in Ann Arbor Michigan you give your employee’s $1,000 for each year of their service with the company.

Howard Cooper (Source: Fox News Video)

The dealership which opened in 1965 selling Volkswagens had 89 employees before it was sold to a motor company based in Ohio in April. However, Cooper only recently surprised employees with their bonus cheques.  At least one employee had been with the company 46 years and another for 26 years, although the total amount of money dispersed was not revealed.

Part of the sales agreement for the dealership was the retention of the employees so not only are the employees getting a bonus they are keeping their jobs as well.

Well done Howard!

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