OK Go Music Video

You may not be a fan of alt rock band OK Go, but you can probably appreciate the level of difficulty in making music with a car in their video Needing/Getting. The car in question is the Chevy Sonic, which the Redlinenorth Team will be reviewing first hand in an upcoming post.

According to an interview with Car And Driver, the original concept for “Needing/Getting” grew out of a 2010 video for the song, “This Too Shall Pass.” In that video the band sings while dominoes topple, balls and tires roll, umbrellas fly, and the like.

In the Needing/Getting a rally style track has been set up and each stage comprises a section of the song. A specially fitted Chevy Sonic then travels round the track clanging symbols and strumming guitars with fishing poles that have been attached to the vehicle at appropriate intervals. The sound and video is then recorded in multiple takes and assembled in editing.

For more details on how the video was put together check out the Car And Driver article otherwise enjoy the video.