Surprise Gifts

We are currently living in an era where many people’s primary focus is on accumulating material things as fast as possible. Now, this is not entirely new since greed has been around since the early days of mankind, however, there is a bit of a twist to this idea today. For example, many people are obsessed with being rich and famous for no other reason than the desire to be rich and famous.  Some experts attribute this to the rise in popularity of reality TV and Youtube since getting discovered and the opportunity of instant fame and fortune do seem more tangible to the masses than ever before.

In addition, over the last couple of years we have also witnessed an underlying global class struggle with the rise of the Occupy movement vs. the 1% creating an equally strange scenario.

Oh dear, have we lost you yet? This is turning out to be way too serious for a car blog so let’s end it now and move on to something much lighter. Check out the following auto related surprise gift videos.

Who says materials things don’t make you happy.  Live is short, and if you have the bucks you might as well spend it since you can’t bring it with you to the next place.

Here are some real commercials that capture the gift theme and hit the mark with their audience.