Waze Navigation App


What is Waze? Simply put it’s a navigation app that gives you turn by turn directions and includes voice integration. This type of app finds itself in a crowded market up against. However, Waze distinguishes itself by using crowd sourced information to give you real time information on traffic conditions, all with a very user friendly interface.

Users can graphically see other Waze users in their area and click on an icon to get a report of their real time speed. No more guessing as to what the difference between a red and yellow line on a map means. Waze gives you the vehicle’s speed down the last kilometer.

Of course there are other features to Waze such as the ability to report traffic accidents, or the location of speed traps. All of this information becomes available to other Waze users instantly. In the age of digital privacy concerns Waze allows you to remain anonymous while using the app.

Waze is a free app and it’s available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia based phones.

The beauty of this app is that the more people sign on and start using it, the more it benefits the drivers in your community.

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