Jaguar F-Type

It’s been a while since there has been this much hype from a British automaker so we thought it was time to revisit the Jaguar F-Type. With its recently infused capital from India’s Tata Motors, Jaguar has got its Mojo back and is now bringing its “A” game to the big dance.


Launched as Jaguar’s first two-seat sports car in 51 years, the F-Type is truly a special car and its pedigree could not be any better as Jaguar’s last two seat sports car was the infamous E-Type.


At the time of its launch in 1961, Enzo Ferrari famously declared the E-Type as the world’s most beautiful car and today, surviving E-Types are still symbols of automotive beauty. It’s in a rare class of its own as the E-Type remains as one of only six cars appearing in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Of course, having introduced with a brief history about its famous father the real question is does the new F-Type have the goods to create the same type of future impact?

Well, we won’t know that answer until we see sales numbers at the end of 2014 but so far media reaction as been very positive. To keep these good feelings rolling, Jaguar has opened the purse strings and is currently spending a ton of money on a variety of marketing projects for a wide global audience.

Let’s be honest though it can’t be that hard to leverage one of the worlds most iconic brand’s along with the sex appeal of a two seat sports car convertible. Nevertheless, Jaguar has come to play by hiring some of Hollywood’s top guns including the sultry songstress Lana Del Rey as the face of the F-Type along with acclaimed director Ridley Scott and Emmy winning actor Damian Lewis to star in a short film about the F-Type.

Check out this edgy video of Lana Del Rey singing the exclusive track “Desire” the official soundtrack of the F-Type. We have to say, the song and video sure makes us younger folk want an F-Type so we only can imagine what it does for the mid-life crisis crowd.

Here is the F-Type teaser clip about the upcoming short film scheduled for release in March 2013.

For the full details on the F-Type and to keep posted on developments be sure to read Jaguar’s new microsite at

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