New Formula ‘E’ Racing Series Announced

News this week that FIA, the International Motorsport Federation, has announced a global series of city centre electric car races.  The objective of the series is to have 10 teams and 20 drivers participating in the competition and it will be open to any cars sanctioned as ‘Formula E’ by the FIA.

The commercial rights to the FIA Formula E Championship has been licensed to a consortium of investors, Formula E Holdings Ltd (FEH). FEH has as anchor investor London-based entrepreneur Enrique Bañuelos, and as CEO and shareholder former MEP and racing team owner Alejandro Agag.

Audi R18 e-tron quattro the first electric hybrid to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Demonstration runs will start in 2013 and the full series will being in 2014.

Locations could include Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, Sydney, Cape Town, Mexico City, and Los Angeles.

However, it’s likely to early to confirm all of the cities that will be participating.

Source: FIA

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