Z Fest 2014

On a glorious Sunday in August, Team RedlineNorth headed to a very unique car show we never have actually attended before in person. This year’s Z Fest event took place at the Canadian Heritage War Museum located beside Hamilton’s International Airport which played the part of an excellent backdrop. Since after walking through the hangar filled with some of the most famous warplanes ever built you soon entered rows and rows of restored Nissans parked and shining on the tarmac.

Organized by members of the Ontario Z-Cars Association, Z Fest is an annual event here in Ontario for Z model Nissan enthusiasts to show off  their Nissan and Datsun vehicles. The event’s aim is to celebrate all Z-cars from the early Datsun models through to the current Nissan name plates and this year’s event did not disappoint. This year’s event was slightly larger than in years past since it was the 20th annual Z-Fest. While on site there was a whole array of Z-cars (Fairlady Z in Japan) from present to past including the 240z, 260z, 280zx, 300zx, the 350z, and 370z not excluding the odd G series, GTR, and Skyline.

Nissan 300 ZX Twin Turbo

1990 Nissan 300 ZX Twin Turbo

We were lucky enough to bump into one of our local correspondents who actually covered the 2012 Z Fest event for RedlineNorth. Unfortunately for us he was not reporting from the event this year since he had his “pride and joy” entered in the show and shine. He currently owns a stunningly clean but heavily modified 1990 300 ZX Twin Turbo which is pushing over 400 HP at the wheels.

Nissan 300 ZX

Cooling down the turbos

Back end of 1990 300 ZX

Back end of 1990 300 ZX

Here’s a glimpse of some of the other cars…..So many nice ones to choose from.  Although we did primarily focus our attention on the 300 ZX models.

Nissan 300 ZX

Awesome 90s Nissan 300 ZX

Nissan 350Z

Nissan 350Z Convertible

 Nissan 300 ZX

1989 Nissan 300 ZX

2 thoughts on “Z Fest 2014

  1. Hi there… just came across your blog while doing a search for my Club Ontario Z Car and was surprised to see 2 articles on our past Z-FEST shows. Thanks man, we really appreciate your support and kind words. Don’t know if you are aware that we are hosting next year’s ZCON in Toronto and Z-FEST is incorporated in to the Car show.

    Check out the ZCON web site for details as well as our FB page, and may be give a shout out to your followers. We want to make this a huge event and more participation the better. I am the Co-Chair for the event an the creative source behind the Web social media and advertising for the club including their Newsletter.

    Would love to hear from you and get your support in promoting next years ZCON.
    http://www.zcon.org and ontariozcar.com


    Raji (a.k.a creatv)

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