10th Annual Toronto Subaru Club Hyper Meeting

On Sunday, August 11th RedlineNorth attended the 10th Annual Toronto Subaru Club Hyper Meeting at Subaru Canada’s head office in Mississauga, Ontario. Over 300 enthusiasts showcased their vehicles, while fans took in the sights and sounds of the day.  In addition to the vehicles there were on-site food trucks, vendors, games, face painting and a RC car track making it an outing for the whole family, although admittedly it was mostly attended by Subaru enthusiasts themselves.

The Hyper Meeting raised funds for Ronald McDonald House Toronto, a very worthy cause. Congrats on a well run event.

Here are few pictures of the festivities, along with some of the vehicles on show.

10th Annual Toronto Subaru Club (TSC) Hyper Meeting Subaru_20130811_007 Subaru_20130811_008 Subaru_20130811_011 Subaru_20130811_016 Subaru_20130811_018 Subaru_20130811_020 Subaru_20130811_027 Subaru_20130811_029 Subaru_20130811_032 Subaru_20130811_033 Subaru_20130811_036 Subaru_20130811_037

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