Yorkville Exotic Car Show

What better way to spend Father’s Day than a hit up a charity car show in the heart of Toronto’s tony Bloor/Yorkville area.  Sponsored by Porsche, McLaren Toronto and Prostate Cancer Canada, the one day, Yorkville Exotic Car show charity event raises  funds for cancer research. In spite of some rain earlier in the day, the event was well attended with solid crowds coming out to see these exotic autos. We too, had a great time checking out all the cars and even bumped into the Globe and Mail’s Drive Editor, Peter Cheney who is always up for a in-depth chat about autos. Peter had his amazing Lotus Evora parked on display along with other Lotus models.  There was a plethora of cars from all eras including; classic hot rods to Corvettes, Ferrari’s Lamborghini’s, BMW’s, Maserati’s, Aston Martin’s, Bentley’s, Mercedes’ and of course Porsche’s.

Peter Cheney

The Globe and Mail’s Peter Cheney and a 1969 Camaro he was driving home


Lotus line-up

Aston Martin

Aston Martin DB9




Ferrari line-up

Porsche GT3

Porsche GT3

Ferrari 360

Ferrari 360 Motor




1968 Corvette

Be sure to check this out for more information about the Yorkville show.


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