When Outrageous Was Possible – Looking Back at the Lamborghini Countach

Today’s post focuses on a wonderful video that profiles the Lamborghini Countach, called When Outrageous Was Possible.  Growing up in the 1980s lots of kids had Lamborghini Countach posters on their wall, including yours truly (a white one).  At the time the Countach was THE sports car that kids (and adults) aspired to own or drive. One look at a Countach and you knew it was one cool car.

When Outrageous Was Possible interviews James Chen, owner of Axis Wheels and current owner of a white Lamborghini Countach.  Chen discusses the design of the car and it’s impracticalities such as the scissor doors, the not so great AC, and the tight headroom. However, he also explains why the Countach is so loved, even today, and why a vehicle like the Countach will never be made again.


Credit: http://www.petrolicious.com

2 thoughts on “When Outrageous Was Possible – Looking Back at the Lamborghini Countach

  1. Great video guys! Never thought about the whole practicality side of a countach, then again I don’t think too many would consider practicality all that much when you’re buying a lamborghini.
    Makes me remember the video game “HARD DRIVIN”!

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