Autoglym Valet Kit Review

Autoglym Valet Kit

The RedlineNorth team were recently provided a sample of the Autoglym Valet Kit from our friends at Canadian Tire to review.  This kit provides the user with a start to finish for all quick auto detailing needs and includes six 500 ml bottles of Autoglym products (Bodyworks Shampoo Conditioner, Super Resin Polish, Fast Glass, Instant Tyre Dressing, Vinyl & Rubber Care and Custom Wheel Cleaner), a Perfect Polish Cloth, Sponge and carrying case.  The only noticeable exception is car wax, although it does come with a Rapid Detailer (see below for a review on that product).  The Autoglym Valet Kit retails for $99.99 and is available at Canadian Tire in Canada. The individual products are also sold separately.

The RedlineNorth team used a black 2003 Nissan Altima to try out the kit.  Black is a notoriously difficult paint colour to keep looking new and tends to show off a lot of imperfections, such as scratches and dents. A perfect opportunity to see what this stuff can do!

First up for review is the Rapid Detailer which is designed to be used between regular washing to remove dust and fingerprints and provides water repellent properties.  In short, the detailer worked very well – so much so it was noticed by one of the wives of the RedlineNorth team a couple of days after the application as the car being ‘shiny’ and ‘looks good.’ In our books that’s one of the most authentic reviews we could have received.  In addition,  given that the application of the product was so quick and easy to apply, the Rapid Detailer is going to be used regularly by us going forward.

All that is required to apply the Rapid Detailer is a cold vehicle surface, a quick spray and a little bit of elbow grease with a mirco fiber cloth.  The Valet Kit does come with a ‘perfect palm’ applicator, as shown below, which we used to apply the detailer.  It was a nice added touch, but not necessary to get a good result. After the application we let the detailer sit for a number of minutes while we applied the tyre dressing and wheel cleaner. We then returned to the detailer to wipe off the product and did some quick buffing to reveal a brilliant shine.  So much so, the black metal appeared almost mirror like reflecting our work area as can be seen in the pictures.  We can honestly say we’ve used a number of similar products in the past, but have yet to such a result in as little time as this took.

Before Auto Glym Rapid Detailer Applied

Before Autoglym Rapid Detailer was applied

Using the Palm Applicator

Results of the Autoglym Rapid Detailer

The Custom Wheel Cleaner was also very easy to apply with a few squirts around the circumference of the rim, about 60 seconds of wiping and then letting sit for 60 seconds, doing one wheel at a time.

At the same time as the Wheel Cleaner, the Instant Tyre Dressing was applied as both require rinsing after the application. Yes, tyre is spelled with a ‘y’ in the UK and as these products are actually made in England – not just the typical cop out of being ‘designed’ in one place, but actually made somewhere else –  it’s therefore fitting they use the British spelling. Again, the application was very easy, a few squirts, one wipe around to ensure an even coating and then let sit for three minutes.

Before Customer Wheel Cleaner

Before Custom Wheel Cleaner

Before Instant Tyre Dressing

Before Instant Tyre Dressing

Literally 60 second wipe

Literally a 60 second wipe

Once the tire and rims were rinsed there was a very noticeable improvement in the blackness of the tire and the cleanliness of the rims.  These two Autoglym products were one of the easiest products to apply that also resulted in noticeable results.

The Results

In addition, the Instant Tyre Dressing can also be used as an engine dressing to protect and improve the appearance under the hood as well.

After using the products

At the end of the day there are a wide variety of car cleaning products out there. The old adage you get what you pay for rings true with AutoGlym.  While other products may give you a similar result, a lot more effort can be required.  The Autoglym products aren’t the cheapest products out there.  Individually, the products retail for $12.99 for the Tyre Dressing, $14.99 for the Rapid Detailer, and $12.99 for the Custom Wheel Cleaner. However, what impressed the RedlineNorth team the most was the easy of use and the little effort required to make a 9 year old car look very good, and stay that way.

If you are like the RedlineNorth team and you have one hour on the weekend once a month to work on the car and you want something that will give you the best results with very little effort and time, we recommend you give the AutoGlym Valet Kit a shot and try it for yourself. Canadian Tire also offers a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store on the three products reviewed in this post.

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