New Orleans, Louisana

Over the holidays, we headed to New Orleans for some fun in the South and of course we were on the lookout for anything auto related. Here’s a little taste of what the “Big Easy” had to offer.

"Cajun" style Ford Expedition

“Cajun” style Ford Expedition

As the hometown to many of today’s biggest Hip Hop stars it was only suiting we snapped some pics of the Louisiana “bling” its stars have made famous.  Check out these big rims and big stereos which are always in style down here.

Only in the "Big Easy"

Only in the “Big Easy”

With Louisiana bordering Texas there is no shortage of Texas plated cars in town especially over the holidays. This was an interesting find, an Isuzu two door 4×4 that we are sure never came to Canada.

Isuzu 4x4 coupe

Isuzu 4×4 coupe

In spite of the weather being unseasonable cold there were lots of Chevrolet Camaros cruising the New Orleans streets.  Here’s a nice black SS model.

Chevrolet Camaro SS

Chevrolet Camaro SS

Here’s one classic Southern style RV – the converted bus that never gives up.

Southern style RV

Southern style RV

We had the opportunity to check out our first college football bowl game which was an epic battle between Alabama and Oklahoma with the underdogs Oklahoma coming out on top.

Sugar Bowl 2014 battle

Sugar Bowl 2014 battle

Unfortunately, New Orleans has seen it’s fair share of misery in recent years. This truck symbolizes the city’s struggle with its scars and dents of which some are likely as a result of Katrina.

Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Navigator

Throughout the French Quarter you see all types of performers but this one got our vote for the coolest of them all. A wearable Transformer Bumblebee Escalade bodysuit that transforms into a moving car.

Transformer street performer

Transformer street performer

Although not a car this 19 ft Skeeter powerboat is a symbol of New Orleans’ amazing character and great resilience. Placed now as an exhibit at the City’s State Museum this particular boat was used after Hurricane Katrina to rescue over 400 people stranded from the storm.

Skeeter boat

Skeeter boat


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