RedlineNorth News Round Up

Over the past week, we saw lots of significant negative news in the auto world with the announcement of Suzuki declaring Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the US and the class action lawsuits filed against Hyundai Canada and Kia Canada.  However, there was some positive ink including exciting news for Mazda fans as Mazda Motor Corporation’s Sports Car Chief Nobuhiro Yamamoto announced the award winning Mazda RX-7 will return to the marketplace in 2017.  Adding to the fun, there was also a story from the Washington Post about the new Land Rover Defender coming to the U.S. which was confirmed by Land Rover executives at the recent 2012 Paris Auto Show.

New Land Rover Defender

Based on the current smashing success of the Range Rover Evoque we better get in line now to review one of the these babies down the road.

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